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Information is a series of data that leads to the formation of a concept. It provides knowledge, a basis for communication, an enhanced awareness of the world around us and a way of measuring or relating to our society or surroundings. It is empowering, knowledge gives you confidence and it helps you to make informed decisions that are easier to live with later.

Information as a pathway for transforming or influencing our world. Information is power. The more and the better information that we can gather on any particular subject, the more power we will have to influence or dictate the outcome of the subject.

Believe that you can-

Who Has been dumping on your Dreams?

First write your vision-
Your Dream is a very specific vision for a very specific outcome.
Your dream is powerful because it comes from God.
Write it down as soon as you can, and keep track of it.

Discovering your Mission-

Dreams that are from God go through a process of birth, death, and resurrection. Let the biblical story of Joseph remind you of the stages of the journey of your dream.

You will come to Vision-

A vision from God will stop, send you, strengthen you, and stretch you. Keep standing on the revelation every step of the way. God will build your confidence the same way he helped Gideon see himself with new eyes.
Take Hold of your Dreams-

God will make sure you find your dream and destiny. The stages of discovery are: "I thought it. I caught it. I bought it. I sought it. I got it."

Here is how to hang on tightly to it once you have it, lest doubts and fears loosen your hold on your dream.

Understanding knowledge is power, knowledge is also data stored in the minds of many. if you use data, then your also using your knowledge of data...

Wisdom if used wisely, then this is also knowledge, or stored data in the minds of many...

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