ViralNetworks Affiliate Program

ViralNetworks offers an extensive affiliate program. We offer many different income streams. Apart from the exposure you get from being a trusted member, and the chance to build up a strong reputation amongst thousands of other online business owners, we offer 4 (Four) exciting ways to earn directly from being a member of ViralNetworks:

Personal Referral Commission

Earn up to 50% on upgrades by your referrals. If you refer someone who upgrades you will earn up to 50% commissions. We offer a special deal for our gold membership that costs $147 per year. The value of the membership is huge and worth many times more than that which means it converts very well.

If you are a Gold member, you will earn $73.50 per personal referral upgrade! This recurs every year. We also offer monthly memberships that pay you every month! As a free member, you earn 25% on the yearly upgrades and 20% on monthly upgrades.

If you upgrade to Gold, you will earn 50% on yearly and 35% on monthly upgrades! Watch your recurring income explode simply by sharing your ViralNetworks affiliate link.

Revenue Share

We earn a percentage of all the revenue with the top 100 most active members each month. Included in that 100 is random draw members too. You earn 10% of all credits earned from members in your downline, down as many as 8 levels! This means, every person who you refer, and they refer and so on, down up to 8 levels, you will earn 10% of their credits.

This counts towards working out your share in the revenue sharing pool, and also increases your reputation rank in the site. More trusted members can make more sales on our special offers board and find it easier to make million dollar JV partnerships with other members.

You can also mail your downline every 7 days using our internal mailing system. Watch your list explode by making a few referrals to ViralNetworks.


As an upgraded member you can add your Adsense ID (If you use it) to your profile. We share our Site Real Estate with you!

Contests and Promo's

We often run referral contests where we give away top prizes and cash. We also run promo's where you earn income for making referrals.

It's free to join the program, just sign up and use the promotion tools available in the dashboard section to get started on your way to growing your business and your income!