Another use for viagra


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Joke Of The Day
A 96-year-old man goes into a pharmacy and asks for Viagra. The elderly man then requests that each tablet be cut up into quarters.

The pharmacist says, "Sure, I can do that, but you realize a quarter won't give you a full erection?"

The old man replies, "I'm 96. I'm too old for that game. I just want them to work a bit so I don't piss on my slippers."

Alex Burn

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Means improving potency are very popular among men of Mature age, because free men like younger women. However, not all men get an erection as in 20 years. I also have a young friend and I ordered a generic levitra online. I can say that a friend is very happy with our sexual life.

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Oh, that's interesting
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Good joke!
ANd if we can talk little bit more seriously, probably there are some cases of another use for viagra.) For example I've found some informatiopn recently, reading an article about CBD treatment for psoriasis. That was really interesting for me, I thout this is only for drug addict people. So this world is full of some things that we even don't suspect about.)

Arnold Kram

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Had a date with one beauty which ended up in my premature ejaculation, now I want to get priligy buy online or order or anything, has anybody tried using it, how long does the effect last? I need to know for sure guys because I don't want anymore surprises, I think you understand me.

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