January Roundup – 1st Full Month At ViralNetworks…

Wow, so the first full month since ViralNetworks launched has come and gone and we have the stats to report. As at Jan 31st we have:

12,834 – Currently active members (over 15,000 including the inactive too)
662 – The total number of videos currently hosted for members.
$4,784 – The amount earned by members on upgrades and commissions.
$1,100 – The amount paid out to members as prizes for the contest!
$1,115 – Amount paid to members who qualified for Rev share. If you were in any of the top 4 tables, you will see a share of this amount in your account under earnings. Note – The higher you place, the larger your share.

The vital thing to note here is it is only our first month, we hope that as we continue to grow and add more revenue streams we will keep paying more and more each and every month (increased payouts) to members both in commissions and also in revenue share.

We are relativly happy with the start we have made, as we know that with your help promoting you will earn nice slices of income and the site income will hopefully keep increasing, meaning more income in the revenue sharing too.

The first month servers and file hosting/ bandwidth costs for all the videos and images we host and stream has not got out of control and we are happy moving forward that we can cover those expenses and still provide increasing revenue share!

Moving forward we also plan on making more importance on your ‘reputation level’ this can be found in your profile. Your rep level keeps increasing as you earn credits and we have some plans for a couple of months from now to really make it a big part of gaining more out of ViralNetworks.

If You are not yet a gold member, we ask you to please consider upgrading, as we have had plenty of good feedback about the upgraded membership. You will find it when you login under the ‘upgrade’ tab.

To earn commissions on referrals, be sure to login and click on the ‘promotional tools’ section from your ‘dashboard’ here you will find your affiliate link as well as tools you can use to spread the word and grow your downline!

Thank you for your support so far, you are the founding members of ViralNetworks and we are certain the future is very bright for all involved.

Second Contest Has Ended…

Congrats to EVERYONE that took part and reached the minimum 20 personal referrals to qualify for the random Draw. It was a good contest and although there was a clear winner, we also drew 10 random members that got 20 refs or more! We have already added the money to the winners ViralNetyworks balance to be paid when we do commission runs. If you won a cash prize, login and click on your ‘earnings’ tab, you will see it listed there, if you won banners, you will have the credits in your account already too.

To setup your free ad campaign, simply click the ‘advertise’ tab, then do the normal steps, and on payment you will see in bold red your free credits, select that option and hit pay

Now to the Winners, Drum Roll Please………….

# Image Prize Winner
1. price $300 Peter Van Nieuwenhoven
2. price $150 Tony Lacognata
3. price $150 ViralURL.com Team
4. price $150 Mischa Witte
5. price $100 Marianne Romagnoli
price $50 Cash Frank Bauer
Tyler Cant
Celenda Young
Darren Olander
Pepito Baranggan
price 10000 Free Banners
$50 Value
William Clements
Shiran Rajaratnam
Paul Wilson
Tim Henderson
Joel Hayag

Well done to all the winners….

NOW is the time to promote ViralNetworks as we are in Full Launch and apart from growing your downline and contact list, earning 10% of your downline members credits, you also earn wonderful commission % payments on personal referral upgrades. So if you want to earn promoting a program that converts well and has amazing value for money, please promote ViralNetworks.

Thanks for your support

What are VN-Notification emails?

If you are a ViralNetworks member, you will be getting VN-Notification emails. These are designed to keep you in the loop on what is happening related to you on VN:

* Contact requests
* Friends’ personal achievements
* iMails (internal messages)
* Comments on your videos
* Comments on Forum Threads you start
* & much more…

They also provide you with links so you can log in, as this is vital to getting the MOST out of VN. For example, opening your iMails will earn you credits, giving you a chance to earn from the revenue sharing pool, increase your reputation level and maybe even win great prizes!

You want to be logging in every day, networking with people, adding content, earning credits and building a reputation. One JV partnership or idea created by using VN could be worth a million dollars to you, stranger things have happened… This exact thing has happened to me!

Here is a short (just over 1 minute) video explaining what VN-Notification emails are.

As a ViralNetworks member, are you happy with this type of email and options? Remember, the positives of these 2 emails a week, they highlight the important happenings in VN related to you, and gives you the chance to enhance every aspect of your online business, and earn credits faster!

Remember, this is YOUR business, and you should be logging in every day, networking, learning and sharing. Every positive action you complete is a step in the right direction… So start running now!

Earn Credits For Viewing Broadcasts

In a couple of days a great chance to earn credits, and in the process qualify for the random draw (only 100 credits a month needed to qualify each month) and also on the TOP credit earners will be available. Why earn credits? Firstly it builds your reputation level that shows in your profile and will soon show on other aspects of the site. This will become more important as we add new planned features to ViralNetworks (VN).

Also, credits determine if you qualify for Revenue sharing as we will each month share a % of the site revenue with our active members as a reward for adding good content and helping us become a leader in the industry!

Here is the video showing how to earn credits simply viewing broadcast messages on your Imail (Internal Mail):

Simply by opening and viewing Broadcast messages (The Purple Color Imails) you earn credits!

This also means that when you send broadcasts you will get more eyeballs seeing your mails, win-win-win :)!