Prelaunch Starts In 3…2…

Email Updates
1...NOW! ViralNetworks is now in Prelaunch so you can start sending out emails to your lists and growing your downline and income. We are holding a very nice prelaunch contest for the top promoters that is now under way! It is a race to the top, so don't delay if you want to win an awesome prize... Here is the blog post with the prizes, please post a comment to let us know what you think: You can see the standings and get your referral link by logging into the site. All the best and thank you very much for being a part of this. To your success, Colin and Frank The ViralNetworks Team

Massive Contest and Prizes!

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Welcome To The ViralNetworks Prelaunch Contest! If you are not yet a member of ViralNetworks, signup FREE from this link now! The Contest is a RACE to the Top Spot. Once someone gets to 1,000 referrals (Free, Active Referrals... Easy As Pie To Get Free Referrals To Such a Cool Site. :P ) Then The Contest Ends and where everyone else lands is the prize they get (Need to meet the minimum number of referrals on that level or you get the prize down where you do qualify). $6,700 In Cash and Prizes To Be WON! # Image Price Minimum Referals 21. 3,000 banner impressions 25 20. 4,000 banner impressions 30 19. 5,000 banner impressions 35 18. 6,000 banner impressions 40 17. 8,000 banner impressions 50 16. Ipod Shuffle 1gig or $50 ...

Getting Close Now

We have taken 17 months to get to this point, what is a few more days? The site should be ready for Prelaunch tomorrow and then we will Invite some members in to check it out. Expect a Public Prelaunch to take place very soon

Getting Ready For Prelaunch

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Welcome to ViralNetworks. We have as a team been working on this project and our vision for 17 months now and finally we are very close to Prelaunch. This whole system has been built from the ground up and we are very excited about what has been created. We will have a cool Prelaunch Kickoff Contest Very Shortly :)

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