365-Day Contest – The Contest YOU Can Win!

Hello and welcome to the 365-Day Contest – The contest YOU can win! This is not a race between members but a race against time, and you WILL be rewarded if you get active on ViralNetworks! Please watch this short video for a quick introduction to the 365-Day Contest:

You have 365 days from the date you signed up to ViralNetworks to earn 20 trophies (out of the 50 currently available). You will earn trophies by getting active on VN: by opening your iMails (internal messages), posting in the forum, referring people to VN… Want to see how you can earn trophies? Read this wiki page! There are plenty of trophies that you can win, giving you a chance to win a great prize (or the equivalent in cash)!

Here are the GREAT PRIZES that YOU can win!

Herman Miller Basic Celle Chair
Valued at $449

(or $400 in cash)

We are online business owners and therefore running a business from our desk. This Herman Miller chair is one of the best, most orthopedic chairs in the world. Win this contest and it can be your chair, increasing your energy levels and improving your health!

— OR —

Panasonic 32-Inch 1080p LCD HDTV
Valued at $409.99

(or $400 in cash)

This LCD screen TV is just perfect to connect your laptop to, to create a MASSIVE monitor for yourself. Work on full-screen and allow yourself to increase productivity with the comfort of seeing things large!

— OR —

Xbox 360 + Kinect + Call of Duty Black Ops
Valued at $419

(or $400 in cash)

Even though we’re hard at work and focus on our businesses, recharging and refueling our batteries is VITAL to ensure that we have the highest levels of creativity and focus. What better way than with interactive gaming with the new Xbox 360 with Kinect!

— OR —

JVC 80 GB HDD Camcorder + CowboyStudio Photography Video Studio
Valued at $409.19

(or $400 in cash)

The future of the internet and your business is video. What better way to brand yourself and get the most out of ViralNetworks with this home video studio and a high quality video camera! Take your branding to the next level with this brand new video equipment!

What are you waiting for?
Get active now and WIN one of these great prizes!

Remember, you will earn trophies by getting active, but we only approve quality content. Please do NOT spam! If you spam, you will receive up to 3 warnings and then your account will be suspended. The ultimate goal for you shouldn’t be these prizes but to publish quality content, network with others and build yourself a reputation online. All your efforts WILL be rewarded! Click here to log in and get active!

Still don’t know how to earn trophies? Read this wiki page! Let us know your thoughts on the prizes… We hope that you accept the challenge, and if you have any questions, suggestions or feedback please ask us here!

To YOUR Success in Business & Life,

Colin Klinkert Tycho Luyben
Colin Klinkert
CEO, ColinKlinkert.com
& Tycho Luyben
CEO, MovingLabs.com
Colin Klinkert Tycho Luyben

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