Step 4 – Making Friends & Business Contacts

ViralNetworks This is the 4th blog post of a series on how to get started with ViralNetworks. In this series we will show you all the benefits of using ViralNetworks, and how to get started quickly so you can make the most of your membership. Stay tuned for more educational emails and blog posts!

In the previous step we saw how to upload photos and videos. If you still don’t know how to, make sure you read this blog post: Step 3 – Uploading photos and videos. Now we will see how you can make friends and business contacts on ViralNetworks.

Getting to know other members

If you’ve been in the online business and marketing industry for some years, you might already have a few friends or business contacts who are on ViralNetworks already. You can find then with the ‘search box’. Otherwise, we strongly suggest that you browse around the site and send contact requests to people you would like to get in touch with (NOT to show them your offers to but to learn from them). Add people that you can see yourself becoming social with and doing business with.

Remember a Friend can contact you any time via the ‘iMailer’ system and you can contact them, but please once again don’t use it to spam your new friends, only contact them to build a friendship.

A great place to start with is the forum. To visit the forum, log into your account and click ‘Community’ in the top navigation bar. Then click the ‘Forum’ tab. You will land on the ViralNetworks Forum. The forum is broken down into several categories, where you can discuss various topics with other members. This is a great place to start to knowing other members better and make some new friends and business contacts!

Getting active on the forum is a fun and easy way to reach achievements and win trophies. Trophies are like trust seals on your profile; they will help you build your reputation online. Remember… if you receive enough trophies, you can win the 365-Day Contest! Submit quality content, participate in the forums… and you WILL be rewarded for your efforts! Here are the trophies you can win by getting active on the forum:

How to add a member as a contact

To add a member as a contact, simply visit his or her profile and click the ‘Add as Contact‘ link below the profile picture. This will send a contact request to this member. Once the member has accepted the contact request, his or her profile will show up in your list of contacts. To view your list of contacts, go to your profile and scroll down until you reach the ‘Contacts’ box. To view your full list of contacts click ‘View All‘.

Did you know that as a free member you can have up to 1,000 contacts. If you want more contacts you can upgrade your account. On the upgrade page you will see a ‘Benefits Matrix‘ that shows you the differences in the membership levels, so you can choose one that is right for you! Stay tuned for the next blog post!


  • Jennifer Bell

    Thank you so much for posting this. I am new to the forum and am looking forward to making new contacts. I know that it is essential to make contacts as often as possible but I have been having a hard time finding contacts that were reliable and dependable. I found a few that have turned out to be a bit flakey and dishonest. I am hoping that I will learn how to be a better business through all of the great advice and information that others have provided in this forum.

  • Diane Carson

    I am new to the forum and to internet marketing. I have been looking online and have found a few people that have been very helpful. I would like to learn as much a I can to be as successful as I can. So far that has been kind of hard. Am finding it hard going by myself. Looking forward to the knowledge possessed by the members of the forum. Will help out as I can.

  • This is the best part or Viral Networks. Making Friends, and developing Business contacts. There is so much camaraderie amongst all members, that we all share information without any inhibitions and a feeling of togetherness. Thanks VN.

  • Thank you a lot for this insightful post.It is very helpful and indeed a go-ahead for anyone stuck here or unsure of what to do here!

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