Step 3 – Uploading photos and videos

ViralNetworks This is the 3rd blog post of a series on how to get started with ViralNetworks. In this series we will show you all the benefits of using ViralNetworks, and how to get started quickly so you can make the most of your membership. Stay tuned for more educational emails and blog posts!

Last time we discussed what networks are and how to join one. If you don’t know what they are and/or how to join one, make sure you read this blog post: Step 2 – Joining a Network. You should be getting a little more familiar with ViralNetworks by now… and you may even have started to upload photos and videos!

Why you should upload photos and videos

ViralNetworks is very search engine-friendly, which means all the content you submit will get indexed very quickly, especially if you tweet about or link to it. This applies to your profile, the articles you may submit, and of course the photos and videos you upload. Make sure you give relevant descriptions to your files so search engines know for what terms they should rank the pages for!

How to upload a photo

To upload a photo, log into your account, go to your profile and click the ‘Gallery’ tab. You will land on your gallery page, where you can view all the existing photos in your gallery and of course upload more. To upload a photo, click the ‘Upload Photo’ button, follow the on-screen instructions and click ‘Save’. You may upload photos in the following file formats: JPG, GIF, PNG & BMP.

However, please only upload photos that are relevant to the online business and marketing industry. Do NOT upload illegal, adult or violent photos, or photos of people that are not related to you. You may upload photos of yourself, your business partners or people you met at a conference you went to but NOT of people you have strictly no relation with.

How to upload a video

To upload a video, click ‘Video’ in the top navigation bar. You will land on the video page, where you can view all the top featured videos, top rated videos, most recent videos, most viewed videos, most discussed videos… and of course upload your own videos. To upload a video, click the ‘Upload Video’ button, follow the on-screen instructions and click ‘Save’. You may upload videos in the following file formats: WMV, AVI, MPEG, MPE, MP4, M4V & FLV.

It is very important that you select the correct category… & Please don’t be shy to make your own training and marketing videos, that is what the site is built for. It WILL improve your reputation to make a training video where you share content, remember, just because you know something and think everyone knows it does not make it true.

You could reach someone who did not know that trick or method or information and really help them. This person will then have great respect for you, and this helps to build people who will be interested in your business!

Make sure you wait while the video is being processed! Do NOT close the window until you have the confirmation that the video has been successfully processed. When it will be done, you will see a page giving you the opportunity to feature the video for extra exposure. Featured videos show up on most video pages including the video index, featured videos, top rated videos, most recent videos, most viewed videos, most discussed videos…

Get your video featured for only $4.97!

If you have reached the maximum number of videos you can upload per day, you should consider upgrading to Gold or Elite. As a Gold member you can upload up to 10 videos a day (up to 150mb in size each), and as an Elite member you can upload up to 15 videos per day (up to 250mb in size each)! If you think about those numbers for a minute, and compare it to other video sharing site like vimeo etc. we allow so much more, so as well as the MANY other benefits to upgrade your account with ViralNetworks, the ability to share more video is a nice reason! Make and share videos, and start branding yourself and your business today!

Click here to upgrade your account!

Stay tuned for the next blog post and please remember, even if you are new to making videos, just jump in the deep end, do not be shy, you will be surprised at how you can help people and the responses you will get!


  • I never knew there is a site that helps people to upload their photos/videos online.To me it is a welcome development and I am going to share it with my friends.Thanks

  • Thank you. Yes I have uploaded images, and looking for those which are related, after reading the new rules. Same with videos, as per the new rules only related videos will be credited so creating some good videos to be posted.

  • DaveShappel

    Hey there, great post! Thanks a lot for sharing with this! Really appreciate it, because I’ve had som issues with this, also I’d like to ask you guys how to minify images the right way to avoid some speed issues in google page speed insights? I’ve tried smush it & optimizer plugins, but there still a little bit to minify & they are asking some money for minifying those a bit better. Please cover this up,

    Sincerely yours,


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