Step 2 – Joining a network

ViralNetworks This is the 2nd blog post of a series on how to get started with ViralNetworks. In this series we will show you all the benefits of using ViralNetworks, and how to get started quickly so you can make the most of your membership. Stay tuned for more educational emails and blog posts!

By now you should have filled in your profile and added a few friends and business contacts. If not, make sure you read this blog post: Step 1 – Filling in your profile (if not already done).

Why you should join a network

The next step would be to join a network. Networks are not groups nor fan pages… they are much more than that! By joining a network, you get privileged access to a platform that allows you to learn from and get in touch with the staff of your favorite products. If you’re a ViralURL user, you may join the ViralUrl network to get in touch with the ViralUrl team. There is no limit in the number of networks you can join. Feel free to join as many as you want!

Network features

Networks are jam packed with great features including:

* a home page – This is an Overview of the Network
* a forum section – This is where you can meet and chat with other members of the network as well as the owner
* a blog section – This is where the owner of the network might post updates and site and network news
* a videos section – Have a testimonial, went to this networks event? Upload relevant video in here
* a gallery – Share pictures of yourself and other members of this network
* an events section – Check out the latest webinars, conferences and events that this network is putting on!
* and a lot more to come…

Networks have everything site owners need to interact with their customers and followers. We take account of ALL the feedback we receive, and will keep improving networks and adding new features as we go! Stay tuned for more features and enhancements!

How to join a network

To browse the list of networks and join one, please log into your account and click ‘Networks’ in the top navigation menu. Then select the network you would like to join and click ‘Join This Group’.

To see if a site you are a member of has a ‘Social Network’ search for them with the ‘search box’, if they don’t YOU should contact them, tell them they are missing out and get them to signup, if you get a network owner in your downline, you can really get your downline to explode.

You will then be able to access all the sections of the network! Make sure you get active so the network owner knows you’re in! Remember, you can join as many networks as you want! However, only upgraded members (Gold or higher) can create a network.

Click here to upgrade your account!

TIP – If you learn about what the network feature offers site owners, and know some site owners or a members of sites (everyone is) that could benefit from having a network, contact, them, tell them to get their site Social with a Network at ViralNetworks, and share your ViralNetworks affiliate link with them!

Stay tuned for the next blog post!


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