Step 1 – Filling in your profile

ViralNetworks This is the 1st blog post of a series on how to get started with ViralNetworks. In this series we will show you the benefits of using ViralNetworks, and how to get started quickly so you can make the most of your membership. Stay tuned for more educational emails and blog posts!

Why you should fill in your profile

The first thing you should do after signing up to ViralNetworks is to fill in your profile. This is important for several reasons. The most important one is because there are links to the profiles of all the most recent members in the footer of the site. The footer shows on every single page, giving your profile massive exposure, and making it almost instantly indexed by the search engines.

Make sure you add a real picture of yourself on your profile. If you don’t add any picture, the link to your profile will be less likely to be clicked, and if you add a picture of someone else like a celebrity, people will not take you seriously, which is not the best way to get started… Don’t overlook that aspect because ViralNetworks can really help you build a strong reputation.

How to fill in your profile

To fill in your profile, simply log into your account and click ‘Edit Profile’ in the top right navigation bar. Enter your details, add your skills, a description of yourself, add a signature… and choose your preferences. If you’re an upgraded member, you can add your Google AdSense ID to earn money from advertising revenues and decide how often you get notification emails.

Your signature link and the text you put to link to it are shown all around the site, under your posts in the forums etc. so it is worth linking so something of value (this is normally your main site). Please note that this gives you great exposure, so please do NOT spam or put your affiliate links in posts etc. as the signature link shows everywhere, will get a lot of exposure, so do the right things!

ViralNetworks Profile

If you add your Twitter details, make sure that your feed is public. If your Twitter feed is private, it will not show on your profile and might even cause problems for people viewing it. Don’t forget to save the changes! Then on your profile you may add your past and current positions by clicking ‘Add a position’ in the ‘Experience’ box. This is very important to let people know a bit about you and your history. Fill it out so your profile is full and looks complete!

You may then update your status and start adding some friends and business contacts. ViralNetworks is very search engine-friendly, so you can get your profile to rank for your name fairly easily.

Link to your profile:

Important – You can get icons and badges to link to your profile by clicking on ‘Dashboard’ and then selecting ‘Promotional tools’. Under the ‘banners’ section you will find these buttons with your links built in. These contain your affiliate link, so if someone views you on ViralNetworks to see who you are (it is great to use these in the signature of your emails, or on your site and blog, etc.) and join, they will sign up under YOU!

Stay tuned for the next blog post and start networking now on the forum and sharing great content. If you share some great content, as well as increasing your reputation and helping out future clients, you could also be awarded money on that content by a member of the administration!


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