The New ViralNetworks Has Arrived!

Hi everyone!

Today we’re proud to announce the official relaunch of ViralNetworks! The new version of the site has been in public beta for almost two weeks, and we can see that many of you have already started to take advantage of the new features! As you can see, we’ve been working hard to bring you what online business owners and marketers like you need the most. Let’s take a closer look at the new features…

Good bye groups, hello networks!

Networks have replaced groups. Groups were a good but limited feature, and we decided to drop it for networks, which are a much more advanced feature. If you own a site, you are more than welcome to create yourself a network, so you can better interact with your existing and potential customers. Networks feature a home page, a members list, a forum section, a blog section, a video section, a gallery, an events section, a contact section… and the best part is that we will keep improving that feature! Anyone can join a network, but only upgraded members (Gold or higher) can create one.

Article directory (dofollow backlinks allowed)

ViralNetworks is all about content, so we’ve decided to create an article directory. All members with a reputation level of 4 or more can submit their own articles so other members can read them. If you want to establish yourself as an expert in your field, we strongly suggest you to write a few articles and submit them to the directory. We even allow you to add one dofollow link back to your site. Backlinks will help your pages rank better in the search engines, and this is on top of the traffic you will receive from ViralNetworks!

Reach Achievements & Earn Trophies!

Because we wanted to reward our most active members, we created an achievements system, so every time you reach a step (i.e. opening 100 of your imails or making 10 referrals) you reach an achievement and can ultimately earn a trophy. Trophies are like trust seals on your profile and will help you build a reputation online. We have also set up a contest where ALL members earning 20 trophies (out of the 50 available) WIN a prize (or the equivalent in cash). Stay tuned for more info!

Global events calendar

We have also implemented a global Events section, to regroup all the events created by network owners. As a network owner this is a great way for you to reach a larger audience, and as a member you can easily see what’s going on in the online business and marketing industry: live events, conferences, seminars, workshops… If you’re planning on organizing quite a few events make sure you consider upgrading to Gold and create a network, so you can submit as many events as you want!

That’s about it for the main new features. Now let’s see what was improved…

Search engine-friendliness

If you’ve used ViralNetworks in the past, you already know how search engine-friendly the site is. Well, we went even further by optimizing the site again so it’s even more search engine-friendly! The structure of the pages makes it very easy for Google and other search engines to find out about the content. Most pages (profiles, photos, videos, articles, etc.) you create are indexed very quickly, if not instantly. Imagine all the search engine traffic you could drive to your content! Start publishing quality content now and stop imagining!

The Power Lounge (VIP Forum)

We have also created an upgraded members only forum where members can find free products, review copies of paid products, online marketing tips and tricks and much more. Give the latest products a try, get feedback and testimonials from other members, build long-term joint venture partnerships…

Non-disruptive pop-up window for imails

Now every time you’re online and receive an imail, a non-disruptive pop-up window will show up at the bottom right corner of your page letting you know about this new message. This is a great addition for several reasons: first, as a member you’re sure you won’t miss any message, and this will help you reach achievements even more easily… and as a user of our imailer you will get a higher open rate for your offers. A 100% deliverability rate, and an improved open rate! Truly, it coulnd’t be better than that!

Get Awarded Money for Submitting Quality Content

You can now get awarded cash for submitting quality content to the site, up to $10 a piece! Submit as much quality content as you can and build yourself a new revenue stream! You must be the owner of the content you submit, or have the rights to distribute it… but if you already have a lot of quality content, make sure you share it on ViralNetworks to get a chance to make fast, easy money. This includes videos, forums posts, articles, wiki’s. Admin have the ability to award from $1 – 10 when they see some content that is of benefit to other members. We all know something that someone else doesn’t, so make a training video or a forum post sharing that!

And of course you can still update your status, upload photos and videos, create and edit wikis, use our forums, earn credits and get a chance to receive money from the revenue sharing pool, refer other members to build a list and earn commissions, contact 3,000 random members every 3 days as a Gold member and 6,000 as an Elite member, earn Google AdSense revenues…

We hope you like the new design! Feel free to send us your feedback so we can keep improving the site. Thanks for using ViralNetworks, and if you’re a Free member make sure you consider upgrading to Gold (or even Elite) to take advantage of all the upgraded features and make the most of the site!

To login please visit:

To Your Success in Business & Life,

Colin Klinkert Frank Bauer
Colin Klinkert
& Frank Bauer
Colin Klinkert Frank Bauer

P.S. – Please login and get your affiliate link to promote the site to your community and friends. You can earn a lot of money, build a huge downline, and interact with your friends on the NEW ViralNetworks! Login now and click on ‘Promotional Tools’ to get banners, email copies, social buttons, and use the address book inviter system!


  • James Mason

    Yep…you guys did great! The new features are absolutely sweet…heh. I will be putting them to good use real soon. Plus now I can start really getting the word out…just been waiting till everything was finished, so now is the time for everyone to help get the word out…shucks…maybe I’ll even be able to make a few bucks….heh.
    Good Job, I’m sure all will appreciate the effort!

  • Joyce Parker Hyde

    It’s always a treat to see something new, and better if it is something you already like.
    Good job guys.

  • Thanks Everyone… Yeah the biggest change of all is the speed in fact, and the uptime. We want to be your call every day, a site you can feel like home and come to network and build your business

    @mkt – ViralNetworks is a content distribution platform, but much more than that… it is a place to meet and network with JV partners, Future Business partners and get Social with your customers and clients, providing them with a web 2.0 experience.

  • Darlene Isberg

    Hi Everyone.

    The upgrade I beleive will suit me just fine. Submitting articles could work for me as it seems I am always writing something about this or that.

    The SE friendly feature is a really big plus. I’ll keep an eye on that. I will also start promoting Viral Networks. Previously, I was using it for only myself but it looks like it is time to share.

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