WOW – New Beta Version Now Live!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I have a few things to declare:

Firstly – Building and scaling a Social Network from Scratch is HARD… No borrowed code or scripts used in our network, other than wordpress and the contact inviter script it is 100% home grown… 200,000 lines of code work! – Yes and it has taken 3 years!

Secondly – We are now in our Relaunch Beta! This means that for the next few days, you, as current, loyal members can use the site and give us feedback. We are very keen to hear it!

This is the version we have been working so hard on… These are the features YOU can harness and piggyback on to build your successful business

How To Use ViralNetworks:

Don’t use it to spam your links, use it to learn, to share your skills and new found (or old) Knowledge and build yourself a KILLER reputation in our industry. Make amazing contacts and friends who you will go on to do million dollar deals with and work on branding YOURSELF as the expert, as someone others want to follow and look up to !

We have added many powerful features that we will be showing you, but lets focus on Achievements first:

There is a NEW FEATURE called achievements and these are trophies that you can win! This builds an insane reputation level and you should try and out do your friends

We will soon announce a contest regarding winning achievement trophies, so look out for that, but note that achievements are so important as they are like a Trust Seal next to your name.

To find out what achievements are, and how you can win trophies…Please read the WIKI description here!

We know it has taken a long time to come… but now we have a system that is so powerful and feature rich, so friendly for successful networking and content distribution, that you can now call ViralNetworks your home! Come and use the system every day….

Please login now and start using the system to grow YOURSELF and YOUR Reputation Level. We make a promise to continue to grow with you and keep you in from of the pack!

See you on the forums!

To Success in Business & Life,

Colin Klinkert & Frank Bauer

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  • Great effort and work Team VN. All hardwork and dedication results in the best that comes of it. So I am sure your efforts have paid off. We are all there to support you.

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