Direct Affiliate Links To Pages In VN

We have added Direct links to pages in ViralNetworks and have included your affiliate link embeded in it.

This means that you can now link to any public page that you wish to, with your affiliate link built in. When a visitor clicks on that link, they are ‘cookied’ with your affiliate ID, so when they join they will be your personal referrals. If they upgrade, you get paid, and you earn credits from them and can contact them via the downline mailer.

Here is a video that explains how to take advantage of this new feature:

Some examples of where you can use:

Forum Threads
Your Profile
Your Gallery
Wiki Pages
Video Pages

You can use these links:

* For Facebook Updates
* For Twitter, friendfeed etc. updates
* For Blog Posts (Hyperlink terms to the wiki pages, Hyperlink to forums etc.)
* In Your Signature in your emails, forums and other sites
* Comments on other people’s blogs
* In your bio in articles you write and submit to article directories
* In web 2.0 sites such as Digg (why not submit your VN forum post to Digg, StumbleUpon Yahoo Buzz etc.)
* Link to your profile when uploading videos to YouTube, Google etc.
* Use the links to build pages on sites such as Squidoo, Hubpages etc.

Basically anywhere that the information from the link will add value. You get your affiliate links out there all over the web, and you also add value via the content provided.

We hope that this helps you with your promotion of ViralNetworks and also providing value to your subscribers.


  • Warren Contreras

    I am going to send them to see the comments under my video and when they get there they need to sign up for a free account to see the comments. If I tease them well enough, I think they will.

  • Warren Contreras

    One more thing, I dearly hope this will get more intelligent input for the site (especially the forum) so we will have something more to invite people to see.

  • This is great! Maybe I can get some referrals now. I’ve really been trying with no success, but this should give everyone a big advantage.
    Thanks ever so much!

  • Stan

    I’ll try to figure this out this evening.I feel like I’ve gone from Internet 101 to graduate school in one semester.

  • Ajit Kumar

    I am sure this facility will be greatly beneficial to every member of Viral Networks.

  • Oswald Rodrigues

    A brilliant idea! I’m sure it will succeed in increasing the membership base exponentially.

  • I was trying to find a link to send to my downline to the sales page, not my page. It seems there isn’t one. I think that is a big mistake. Correct me if I’m wrong and please direct me the right spot or send me a link. I have a great idea for sales but the way things are set up I can’t implement it.

  • Hi James,

    Please go to ‘Dashboard’ then click on ‘Promotional Tools’ link. In there is your Direct Link and also marketing tools. They link to the sales page. Thanks

  • Mary

    Hi Colin,
    Wow, this is great!
    I learned more in this video than I have in a month!
    I am a visual & if I see something, I get it!
    Thank you again & well done
    I’m joining!

  • tanveer babar

    thanks for too much facilitating to the VN members,i am netsurfing since 2 years but first time i see this type of unique and pertious site.

  • Claudia

    Thanks for this information. This has really been an eye opener for me. I trying so hard to learn how to become successful on the internet. Its really taking me a long time to grasp it all. I will try using this information and if I have any trouble I’ll come back for more insight. Thank you so much.

  • That is powerful, just that am not aware how to imbedd that link into my website. Would be absolutely grateful if an email can be forwarded to me with instructions on how I should do the same. I will get to it right away to get the word out on viralnetworks as this is the first time am stubling upon your name.

  • Just started my blog called pilar desilva’s real estate deals. Check it out if you are interested in buying properties in the State of Washington.

  • TrudyVan

    Hi there, TrudyVan here, I love ViralNetworks because I love social networking.

    ViralNetworks is a fantastic marketing tool and you keep up to date with the latest promotions on the internet as well as making fantatic friends with like minded people
    Kindest regards

  • Tarek

    it looks good, but try to put some credits for referlas without upgrades, you will get more visitors.

  • Rodrigue

    Great thing happen at ViralNetworks,I’ll advise everyone to take advantage of ViralNetworks for FREE now,and build a business without investing any money.

  • t’s free to join the program, just sign up and use the promotion tools available in the dashboard section to get started on your way to growing your business and your income!

  • georgewalther32

    Espero ser bien recivido por los integrantes del viralnetworks ya que por ser algo nuevo en la web espero realizar un buen trabajo en la comunudad.

  • Jojo vallejo

    Thanks a lot for update and I wish to know more about VN, I am still new here but I am hoping for help from the one who is over me.

  • Samiono

    Hi Colin,

    This is an amazing creation.
    I ‘ll try as a free member first. So I get money, I’ll go to the upgraded one immediately.

  • suresh shetty [ss172]

    I ss172 has newly registered to viral networks, i would like inform you that i am new to computer and dont know t5he basic of it , so i request you to make my work as simple as can.I had lost lot of money going after on line jobs and going througth bad time.IREQUEST TO YOU AGAIN to pls consider my case and give me a good start thankyou

  • BertVelin

    Thanks for letting me join VN. really cool stuff. How could it not work? Amazing!
    I’m glad to be a member of VN.

  • This is a good business opportunity for any one who is willing to make money online. I will take this advantage as soon as I can.
    Please keep on the good work. It is a profit making venture, Am in already.


  • Thanks for the great info….link baiting is all it takes to get some sign-ups with the unique referral system that implemented into cookies what a powerful system. I have now learned the tool that link back to ViralNetworks, ready set here I go to grow a wonderful business here networking with like-minded people!

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