Adsense Comes To VN & You Can Get 50% of It!

The idea of ViralNetworks is to create a site that is super helpful for members, in fact we want you to find reason to login every day! This is done by providing a platform for you to use to grow connections, your list, reputation and grow your business and increase your income.

Well we have now added Google Adsense around the site, and this is great news, as it means that is some more revenue coming in that we can share each month with you, the member. As you know we have a Revenue Sharing Pool – so the more money the site brings in, the more we share with members.

Here is where the new addition gets really good for paid members though. We have set it up so that it is a revenue sharing model, and as a paid member (from contributing upwards) you can put in your adsense ID if you have an adsense account, and get your ads shown. See the video below which explains more on how this works:

See The Wiki Entry for this and more detail: Click Here

There has never been a better time to start supporting ViralNetworks if you have not yet upgraded. We keep adding more and more features to the site, so be sure to check out the Upgrade Page.

P.S – Another new feature added for all members is the ability to upload YouTube videos. Visit the ‘Upload Video’ section to see and use it.

NOTE: In the Video I said not to click on ads in your own profile as you don’t want to risk clicking your own ad. Well Worry Not, your ads are never shown to you, so you are not at risk of this. Please remember though, still only click ads that you are truly interested in seeing. Thanks


  • Stanil

    Great to see AdSense RevShare!

    Just a note – there is one more quick way to find your pub id – in Adsense site just go to “My Account” and it is listed there at the bottom in the section “Property Information”.

  • Jun

    Another great feature from VN! Thanks. Actually Collin, you can get the pub id by clicking on the “My Account” link.


    Hi Colin,

    Great Video, Thanks so much more so as I just upgraded to Contributing Member – Annual, just today, and have updated my preferences with my Google Adsense Publisher codes as mentioned in your video. Look forward to benefiting from this feature as well.

    Thanks for all the fantastic Features you have provided. I have taken almost all of them, The Upgrade, The Advertising offer, and there fore look forward to doing well.

    Thanks once again for the great video which helped me in updating my preferences so fast.



  • Kaseyt

    I am proud to be a member of this team. However, when I upgraded today, I did not receive any confirmation?

    Will I be reciving more information soon…?

    Thank you..


  • Joseph Dabon

    I recently got into Adsense and find difficulty in pasting a banner into my site. It looked good the first time I did it but when I visited my site again, the banner is incomplete. If you can visit above site and see what my banner looks like and maybe tell me what’s wrong with it, I would be forever grateful.



  • This is something I need to work on: getting a better clickthrough rate on my google adsense ads. Currently, I don’t get enough impressions or clicks on my links. BTW, how is adsense going for you all?

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