January Roundup – 1st Full Month At ViralNetworks…

Wow, so the first full month since ViralNetworks launched has come and gone and we have the stats to report. As at Jan 31st we have:

12,834 – Currently active members (over 15,000 including the inactive too)
662 – The total number of videos currently hosted for members.
$4,784 – The amount earned by members on upgrades and commissions.
$1,100 – The amount paid out to members as prizes for the contest!
$1,115 – Amount paid to members who qualified for Rev share. If you were in any of the top 4 tables, you will see a share of this amount in your account under earnings. Note – The higher you place, the larger your share.

The vital thing to note here is it is only our first month, we hope that as we continue to grow and add more revenue streams we will keep paying more and more each and every month (increased payouts) to members both in commissions and also in revenue share.

We are relativly happy with the start we have made, as we know that with your help promoting you will earn nice slices of income and the site income will hopefully keep increasing, meaning more income in the revenue sharing too.

The first month servers and file hosting/ bandwidth costs for all the videos and images we host and stream has not got out of control and we are happy moving forward that we can cover those expenses and still provide increasing revenue share!

Moving forward we also plan on making more importance on your ‘reputation level’ this can be found in your profile. Your rep level keeps increasing as you earn credits and we have some plans for a couple of months from now to really make it a big part of gaining more out of ViralNetworks.

If You are not yet a gold member, we ask you to please consider upgrading, as we have had plenty of good feedback about the upgraded membership. You will find it when you login under the ‘upgrade’ tab.

To earn commissions on referrals, be sure to login and click on the ‘promotional tools’ section from your ‘dashboard’ here you will find your affiliate link as well as tools you can use to spread the word and grow your downline!

Thank you for your support so far, you are the founding members of ViralNetworks and we are certain the future is very bright for all involved.


  • Andy Zeus Anderson

    Wow great month everyone. I am proud to say that Viral Networks pays and despite some PC issues that pushed me back towards the end I placed in 3 parts of the revenue sharing pool and earned over $36 just for being active.

    Some may say that is now much but I have been with 2 other community based programs that promised cash, have larger downlines in both, more pages of content etc.. and neither of them is over $5 in earnings thus far.

    Folks this is free money just for promoting our ideas and sharing tips and advice with other members. So get active and get yours…


  • bobbyd

    Thanks for the update,it is nice to see where the money is.From what I have seen I’m sure that there is no other way to go except up

  • bashmentden

    hi thank you very much for posting me this updates and activities at vn and the help on how to make money fron vn i would want to upgrade but i dont have a credit card so if i can upgrade by sending the money by money order to then i will do that if i allowed

  • Ilan Aharon

    Hello Colin,

    Thank you for all your work in here!


    Yes I qualified for Rev share.
    And just saw my share/earning in my account.

    Thanks again and long life VN

  • Thanks to everyone who helped make our first month a solid start! Some members placed high up in 3 tables and did quite well, others were lucky and got into the bonus draw.

    Remember, even if you only earn 101 credits in a month, you are in the random draw and are a shot at revenue share!

    Now the goal is to increase the revenue so we can keep making higher payments.

  • vick straughn

    I hope V.N. stays around forever.The other sites that promise good payouts do not deliver.Let’s keep working on getting more people to join us.


  • santosh

    Guys I am really new to this VN , so if any one could help out with what all the buzz is about ,
    Seems to be a promising venture , so far I am impressed with what we get just for a FREE account , this is too much for FREE.
    Thanx ,

  • Debs Williams

    This is the best network I’ve been in too – the rewards structure is perfect for keeping everyone active and pretty much making sure we all contribute useful stuff too. It’s a great ride watching the community developing – long may it continue!
    Thanks guys for working so hard on this

  • Hey Viral Networks Team,
    This is the most amazing place. I love it here and am a huge fan of everything you promote here at VN. The earnings just for being active and all the deminsions here at VN are incredible. You would have to be a fool not to get active and take advantage of the earnings and the huge potential this site will be having once it has been established. It already has come so far. Be proud of yourself for making this site so amazing. Thanks for all your hard work and dedication to all the members. Gotta luv ya all!!!

  • nan

    wow!! congratulations to all of you that make good money here. i am new here and trying to keep up and seeing if i can earn some money too. i have been in other places in the web and not made a single penny. just 5 dollars offers that you can never cash out

  • Fakirmaman

    Congratulations to everyone who have make money with ViralNetworks, and also I would like to congrats to those who don’t make money and still hanging around, making and connecting with lots of friends around the world, just like myself, I enjoyed so much to be here and having lots of fund without making money.

    Best Regards & Good Luck All,


  • sunil

    Viral networks! real social network, thanks Colin, thanks all VN team for making such good site.

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