What are VN-Notification emails?

If you are a ViralNetworks member, you will be getting VN-Notification emails. These are designed to keep you in the loop on what is happening related to you on VN:

* Contact requests
* Friends’ personal achievements
* iMails (internal messages)
* Comments on your videos
* Comments on Forum Threads you start
* & much more…

They also provide you with links so you can log in, as this is vital to getting the MOST out of VN. For example, opening your iMails will earn you credits, giving you a chance to earn from the revenue sharing pool, increase your reputation level and maybe even win great prizes!

You want to be logging in every day, networking with people, adding content, earning credits and building a reputation. One JV partnership or idea created by using VN could be worth a million dollars to you, stranger things have happened… This exact thing has happened to me!

Here is a short (just over 1 minute) video explaining what VN-Notification emails are.

As a ViralNetworks member, are you happy with this type of email and options? Remember, the positives of these 2 emails a week, they highlight the important happenings in VN related to you, and gives you the chance to enhance every aspect of your online business, and earn credits faster!

Remember, this is YOUR business, and you should be logging in every day, networking, learning and sharing. Every positive action you complete is a step in the right direction… So start running now!


  • Pepito Baranggan Jr.

    Personally, I like the notifications. Sometimes, due to a hectic schedule, I forget to log-in to VN. The e-mail reminds me to do so.

  • mischa

    Me also Personally, I like the notification email also as reminder, and there is always a hope that your non active members going active.
    Good Job.

  • vick straughn

    I look forward to the notification emails.They keep up to date on things i might have over looked.
    Keep em comming

  • Barbara Chapman

    I agree, the emails are a useful reminder, we’re all so busy it’s easy to forget to log in, this site is very responsive so I want to keep on top of what’s going on here!

  • Greta

    I like the idea of the notifications its good to get some first hand information and it serves also as a reminder. Thanks very much.

  • Jennie

    I agree with the idea of the notification emails. I can’t miss the updated things and be more active.
    Nice Work!

  • olujade (Laman Richards)

    Great information, I thank you for posting that info, I would not have known if I did not check out the site. Great site..

  • normz2

    Notifications are good. We are experiencing bad weather now, so I am staying in more and hence spending more time than usual on the internet.

  • Danette Wilson Lee

    I appreciate the email notifications. I have multiple interests and just as many nline memberships, so the emails help to keep me honest and in the know. Thanks…please keep those notifications coming.

  • All I can say about the e-mail notifications is they are just a lot of ads. I get quite enough of them in my inbox already thank you. dealing with all these ads takes up any time I may have to do anything on Viral Networks.

    I have amde two friend but their emails are usually not in the notifications or they are ones from weeks ago that I have answered,

    Do we have to have an inbox full of ads?

  • gunes ermumcu illing

    Being notified is good but should be the way you already do, Just sent by admin. I am really sick to see repeating messages coming from other list networks.

  • Jeanine Mercer

    I like when they remind me because I have a thousand things to do and I can’t remember to answer the emails I receive!

  • Tim Henderson

    Thank you for the reminder E.mails, without them I would forget to log in daily.

    VN is a wonderful site and service!

    Keep up the good works.

    Tim – timsbiz

  • Norman Pascoe

    Hi, keep notifications flowing that’s what E.Mail is for. Stop communicating and we all forget each others existence very quickly.

  • Louis Pominville

    Yes, totally agree that regular e-mails prompts me to have a look at what’s going on, specially in this busy environment. Cudos.

  • Personally, I don’t like the emails. They weren’t going when I signed up and I’d prefer them not to show up now. I get 1 or two every day , no matter if there’s an update or not.

  • Dorie Boeye

    Thanks for the email reminders, sometimes i for get with all of the other things I have going on. It is good to keep up with all the new stuff of what is going on the the Virals Networks.
    To Your Sucsess To All

  • bashmentden

    oh thank you for all the email reminders to all the members this help to keep some of us uptodate keep doing this thanks alot

  • royal kritzberger

    good day we all need to put are heads to gether to make money ??/ i need help makeing money !!!!!!

  • Emails arwe fine i try to get back to everyone, but i would say im at 75%. The only thing i see wrong is ive been a salesman my whole life, and i believe to much strong sales can leave a bad impression. Everyone in marketing has one thing in common they all want to make alot of money, but i joined vn. to get to know these people through talk, and ideas that we could share not hard selling. If i wanted that i could have stayed at my email, and watch 400 messages come through every hour. I have been enjoying vn, and dont mind telling other webmasters that they need to market here. Last of all i want to thank everyone for being very helpful and kind to me.

  • bashmentden

    i thank you for the reminders email it help to keep me uptodate with what going on at viralnetwork so keep them comming for people like me

  • bashmentden


  • bashmentden

    well i really appreciate these email reminder they remain me to sign in every day if i get carried awy by doing something else so thanks i love it

  • bashmentden

    thanks for send vn email notification i am happy for this service it help me to know the what going on at viralnetwork thanks

  • I am glad to receive the VN notices. I may not get to reading them all as I have 6756 messages in my inbox. They come in faster than I can read them. LOL Ken Wolff

  • Dickie

    The notification vn email is good for everyone in the social networking or a business. Appreciate what you have done.

  • bashmentden

    thanks i appreciate the notification emails from viral network it keep me uptodate with what taken place on viral i love them its awesome keep them coming every day bye until tommorrow

  • Thomas Smitherman

    Thanks for telling me what this is. I am very impressed with Viral Networks these first few days I have been a member.

  • Beth

    I like getting the emails, especially the ones that notify me of a new member in my downline! It seems as I get plder my brain doesn’t function well so a reminder is great or I’d forget to visit.

  • Randy Durham

    I like the VN email notification because like so many of you I get wrapped up in what I am doing at the moment and forget that Viral Network is there working for me. Thanks VN.

  • Marilyn Martin


    The email notifications are great because I need to be reminded sometimes, and it also keeps me in the loop. So, thanks so much for the reminders!

    Have a great day and God Bless,

    Marilyn Martin

  • Jason Breithaupt

    I appreciate being reminded to do certain things as I get busy and forget what needs to be done.

  • Steve Browning

    I appreciate being reminded to come to the site. Otherwise I would miss the timely information.

  • philip

    I hate most of the useless emails i get but this one a day is of great help,sometimes i just delete but most times i have a quick read out of my busy day.
    Keep it up

  • Georgia Jenkins

    Notifications are OK, but don’t have time to do regular promoting and respond to all surfers etc. every day.

  • Ian N

    No problem receiving the notification emails – it lets me know what is happening – Thanks

  • Notifications are welcome and good way to keep us more active specially if we have no enough time for all our activities on line.Due to life circumstances I am suffering from the lack of time and I am not visiting VN as often as I wish.Thank you for notifications, I appreciate it very much and hope soon become more active member.

  • Tarin Harris

    yes, I enjoy getting these emails, they are extremely helpful and are great way to remind me to get on to VN.

    Keep up the great work

  • abdesselami

    thanks for your reminder.i happens that i forget to get in .thanks for you all in VN.
    it s always my pleasure to be in your site.

  • Rolando Constantino

    I noticed that I do not receiveive email
    nor have I started the program.Please help
    to start.Thanks

  • Rolando Constantino

    I am new don’t understand so much but I am trying hard to make ends meet to figure out the operation so that I will know how members earn money.Please help to understand complex things. Thank you. . . .Rolly

  • Rolando Constantino

    Regarding the dispute as cited by PayPal
    I personally believe that I am the agieve
    party. The credit card Company told me to present a license or any document to show that I am authorized to or involve in the internet business,during that time I don’t have so they ordered me to return my Credit card and rus me up to pay some newly committed account. In reply,I told them that I called up those parties which I have payables and that I want to severe the relation thus my account shall not be paid for I have not done activities as affiliate being zero skill in computer.Everything is Okey with everybody, in fact I paid but demanded the restitution of my money just to stop the credit card Company from harrassing me. Since my return of the Credit Card what I am using now is my Debit Card. PayPal should recognize this issue that my Debit Card is more secure than a Credit Card and the events of the past shall not counted against me as I am the agrieved party.

  • Jean

    I like the reminder emails however sometimes I’m not able to log in. That is frustrating. I request my password hoping that will work but doesn’t help. Wonder just what am I doing wrong?

  • aerandir

    Very good and very informative. As a newbie in the internet business this info really help me.
    Keeping gud work..bro

  • Patty Thomas

    I am ashamed to say that I forgot the value of Viral Networks, And I just passed over them when I was checking my e-mail. But I will start checking them again everyday!!

  • Rolando Constantino

    This page keep on returning what portion have I missed?,Please tell me so that I will accomplish it at once.

  • I never thought of the emails as a reminder to log in- thanks for pointing that out! Now when I see them I’ll know its that time again- thanks for the tip!

  • Rocity

    Nice video and keeping in contact with good things means a great deal when you want to grow online marketing…Sharing is cool but listening is another animal!

  • Worrell Bertrand

    Hi all, Just trying to ger myself in tune with VN which appears to be very nice… Glad to be here!

  • Nooroa

    Sorry I have overlooked the importance of VNetwork emails I’ll try my best to be more attentive whats happening out there.

  • Hello Frank,

    My answer to your question is that VN notification is a way to drag leads to our team. It is also a way to communicate between VN members. It is a way for ViralVN to evaluate his members and to better direct them according to their level of understanding. It allows us to gradually grow in term of knowlege and rewarding.

    Thank you for you this wonderful tip!

    Cecile Youssah

  • Alicia

    Not very up to date will all of the new stuff but now with this program, I should get to where I want and need to be.

  • Garret

    Notifications are a Godsend, pure and simple

    With all we do in our busy lives, any short cut is much appreciated. They are also a great reminder for me personally.

  • kelany

    VA notification mails tend to be one of the most appreciated way to inform you in a simple way about what is happening here and push you in a way or another to let you stick firmally to the members of this wondurful community.
    thank you so much

  • Rocky

    The fact Viral Networks is the best social
    network online “Today” gives us all the
    ability to provide our best. Along with the
    unique ability to be a “Community” open for
    more productivity. Keep the notifications on
    “Q” the reality is coming from the inside of
    Viral Networks!

  • tanveer babar

    the VN notifications guide me very well and i can work easly.So all members follow them

  • sidquill

    Just getting the email makes you feel like you belong when you are new to VN as I am while you are still trying to learn all the features of VN. you at least now you are a part of the network.

  • Margaret

    VA notifications are a blessing!

    I am so busy with networking and promoting my business that I welcome the reminder to stay plugged in.


  • Jose Damaso

    VN is a web 2.0 site which is based on comnunication, interactivity and relations. So VN leaders are teaching us by giving example of what a web 2.0 site is.
    On the other hand, creativity is very important in the new web, which does not mean that every one is by him/herself creating a unique system. Some relations are great.

  • getbirdie

    Thank you for the VN notifications. It is a good reminder to check in and it keeps you informed.

  • Allene Deen

    I really appreciate the notifications. It a good reminder to check in and see what’s happening at VN. Thanks and keep them coming.

  • Eddington

    Your updates are great, I want to think they help build credability and built solid relationships.

    With their enticing subject titles, it just goes to show their must be something you guys know that many others don’t.

  • Douglas Unsworth

    Looks well organized, but will study the benefits of using it when I have the time.

  • mi ke

    i keep trying,spending collecting b/s but getting nowhere.i have looked through all these messages everyone saying thanks and good ,but what comes out of it,any advice, or am i beyond redemption.

  • Attention all customers, this is a must sale, again this is a must sale, these item are going at a fast paste. We can’t keep these items in stock too long because our warehouse all way selling these electronic products and other goods at a good deal.

  • Yit

    I am quite busy most of the time and keeping in touch can often be a challenge. In principle, I have no qualms about the frequency of emails. It is down to me to respond or not. Straight up.

  • Marik

    just started using vn notification.
    hope to get good feedback and get connected with others

  • Ed

    This is a great tool in (VN) email notification.

    It’s important to get up todate emails messages, as there can be very important news that one can be without…
    If your like me, I like to respond to all email contacts, wheather it’s of interest of of non interest…
    Were in a great community with Viralnetworks, I look forward building my network relationship and business conection in ViralNetWorks…

  • Richard

    I too have overlooked VN Notifications over the past quarter or so. Will pick up on this.


  • Ed

    O’ Yes, Having a notification email system to keep you up todate is very important for you and your online network business.

    Just think for a moment, not having this tool could be a disaster for any buiness organization, not returning prompt answers to your referrals, upline, downline, in your network. how succesful do you think you would be?

    Thanks Viralnetworks, for adding this important tool to the community…!


  • roy2003

    I think it is very important to get updates. It shows you what is going on and sometimes something that you missed.

  • suegt

    As many of you have already stated, i too like a reminder. This way you don’t forget to login. So, please VN don’t forget them emails.

  • Butch

    Yes in deed. What you are doing really help a lot to keep us informed and in touch.

    Keep it up this is the way of saying you care for all of us members, personal touch of the Viralnetworks.

    More Power,


  • Sunil Bhave

    Notifications mail is important, that keep us updated, and remind us important things.

  • Ruth Bell

    Communication is key to being successful. Great tool, easy to use, reminders are a great support!!

  • Mike Wong

    I love it.It’s great to receive notifications to
    keep me on track.

    Just keep them coming!

    Thanks and To your success.

    Mike Wong

  • I love the notifications. Sometimes I’ll forget to go back to Viral Networks as well like many others. Then I get a nice reminder that there is someone that wants me to add them to my network. And I get so thrilled. It’s a superb feature more than words can say what it means to me. Hats off to the folks at Viral Networks.

    Cheers, mate!

  • The notificatiom is a good reminder I guess,I am new at VN and this notification is assuring me that I will not miss any information and I wll surely get connected with others.
    by Olusegun Franklin.

  • Bobbi

    Thank you so much, not only for this video but for this site. Your videos are so low-key, and they help me (who has an issue with anxiety) to stay focused and on task. Some of the sites out there are so busy I cannot stay even five minutes, and that is not long enough to figure out what they are about and how best to utilize them.

    Excellent, I thank Ted so much for inviting me to join this community.



    so nice of sending the updates.They are really essential for doing online business

  • David Fraser

    I don’t know how this site will help me with my business,because I am in the Entertainment field and with me it is mainly word of mouth rather then Web-sites or Advertising.

  • yitbarek

    Hi, I have been really busy with teaching(more like gathering materials…!) myself on how to set up an internet presence. I am not totally finished yet; this setting up is taking such a long time,I did not bargain for what is going on. However,it is always nice to get messages to remind me to log-in and check-up what is happening in the network. Keep up the good work.

  • I like the idea of having the emails notifications ’cause sometimes we did forget to remember things especially when we’re busy promoting our products. Everybody should be very grateful to Viral Networks for having such an a wondrous idea. Keep it up!

  • normz2

    During this recession I have been getting more and more e-mails. Presently it is over 200 a day. There is no way I can read that many. It I can read them at my liesure. That is what I likwe about VN.

  • cheryl

    I havenèt been doing a lot in viral networks, but I do plan on keeping up to date from now on
    Cheeryl gustafson

  • John

    It is good to be good, ViralNetwork you are for making it possibel for worker to ammunicate as one and also to ear from each other. The mail is informing. VN thanks.

  • wizdomheard

    These VN Notifications are very helpful in reminding me to login to my Viral Networks Account. Thanks a lot for the Helpful Feature.

  • I want to let you know that your i totally forgot about viral networks as after a weeks journey i was tiered and logged in to my networking mail after 10 days, thanks a lot for keeping me updated.

  • The email reminder is something of very high vitality in reminding the members.I beg you to continue with the same.
    Thank you for your bright vision.

  • Nadzmi Nadzim


    I have been there. My advice is get web knowledge and skills first. Don’t rush into programs you don’t know anything about. Use the Net to research. There are hundreds of free learning resources available.

  • Forbes Medouze

    Thanks for the timely reminder that I am connected to this program and the possibility of being able to interact with people who might be helpful as we continue along this field. This is a good idea for networking and I hope we all make good use of this forum for mass communication.

  • Wahab Stallone

    Yes, keep it up ! This is the way of saying you care for all of us, members, personal touch of the Viralnetworks.

  • Email reminders are very important to me ’cause sometimes I do forget the existence of Viral Networks. A lot of thanks for the notifications and I really love it. Well done!

  • Jojo vallejo

    Good, getting reminded to log in,thanks a lot for keeping me updated…
    make it every other day

  • Keep up the fantastic work! Look forward to reading more from you in the future. I think it will be also nice if you add “send to email” tool so people can forward the articles to their friends easily.

  • biggy

    We have to be reminded coz there are too many stuffs out there, and especially a place thats important as this.





  • What is the best selling tactic? What is a total turn-off?

    Is not selling to prospect-customers best way to sell it to them? I am having good responses as a result of asking people what are they looking for as opposed to can I interest you in such and such products.

  • Barry

    This statement really caught my attention today. I am struggling with the task of being successful regarding internet marketing. After my devotions, this statement appeared. “Things personally related to you are taking place on ViralNetworks” Now it is important to find out just what ViralNetworks is all about. I tried logging in. However everything tried, from resigning to acknowledging the signup email in both ways offered, the system would not let me in. The opening sentence was very attractive. The results of signing in or signing up really negated that opening sentence.


  • normz2

    I have 7 websites up now. Only 2 are making any money. I have over 200 e-mails a day. It is not possible to read them all. I am always looking for new ideas to promote.

  • Alan Buck

    I don’t mind the email notifications – especially if there are only 2 per week. Just as long as they don’t become overwhelming or redundant, they can be a good reminder of unfinished or forgotten tasks.

    However, on many other social networks designed for marketers, they send you 10, 20, 30 or even more emails per-day, which just adds to the confusion of sorting through all the other BS emails I get.

  • Bryan Bourne

    Dear Colin,

    My name is Bryan Vincent Bourne of AirBourne-Enterprize, Australia. I wish to discuss (in-person) a unique and revolutionary new development to secure a future Business Partnership/Agreement, between our two parties.

    Before I disclose any further information or ‘Intellectual Property’, I would like to request a ‘Mutual Confidentiality Agreement’ and a private meeting with you, in-person(ASAP)

    I currently posses, what I’d like to refer to as the “Next-Wave-of-Technology”, which will be undoubtedly the ‘latest and greatest-fad’ to hit your Social-Network and the entire International-Market, which will be highly sought-out by Google, YouTube, Apple, Sony and Microsoft, to name a few…

    I guarantee you and your company will be pleasantly surprised on how I, Bryan Vincent Bourne of AirBourne-Enterprize, will transform and revolutionize the way we utilize advanced-technology to stay connected in today’s society, thanks to you and Viral-Networks choosing to adopt and support my unique innovation’s!

    Please respond urgently to discuss the matter in person. Timing is crucial, so please do-not-delay!

    I thank you for your time and consideration.

    I look forward to introducing the “New-Wave-of-Technology” that will launch ‘Viral-Networks’ as the “NO.1 Social-Network in the World!”

    Yours Sincerely,
    Bryan V Bourne

  • Richard

    Thank You for the regular notifications. Without them I would forget to login. Keeping up with this schedule takes a lot of your time. Keep up the good work.

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