Earn Credits For Viewing Broadcasts

In a couple of days a great chance to earn credits, and in the process qualify for the random draw (only 100 credits a month needed to qualify each month) and also on the TOP credit earners will be available. Why earn credits? Firstly it builds your reputation level that shows in your profile and will soon show on other aspects of the site. This will become more important as we add new planned features to ViralNetworks (VN).

Also, credits determine if you qualify for Revenue sharing as we will each month share a % of the site revenue with our active members as a reward for adding good content and helping us become a leader in the industry!

Here is the video showing how to earn credits simply viewing broadcast messages on your Imail (Internal Mail):

Simply by opening and viewing Broadcast messages (The Purple Color Imails) you earn credits!

This also means that when you send broadcasts you will get more eyeballs seeing your mails, win-win-win :)!



  • Katrina Baldwin

    The advantages of being part of this network just keep growing! Thanks for building this “super tool” for our businesses.

  • Tremayne

    What an excellent idea Colin. This gives our downline incentive to open the broadcast mails sent to their internal Mailbox. This is a win-win situtation. Best Regards, Tremayne

  • Allen Taylor

    From a user’s POV, I’m not sure this is a super benefit. I don’t know how many people are in my upline, but I’m guessing that by being an early adopter it isn’t many. As far as I know, it’s only 1. But someone in my downline has at least 2 people in their upline. When we get down to 10 or 15 levels deep, that’s going to be weighted toward the newbies. That may be what you want.

    For me, I’m interested in reading something if it attracts my attention. If it doesn’t then I’m not interested in reading. The .25 credit that I’ll get for reading a broadcast that I have no interest in is just a drop in the bucket to the full potential of what I could do with other tools here.

    That’s my 2 cents. Unless I’m missing something.

  • tmobil8

    Greetings Colin, Thomas Richmond here, what a nice incentive, very cool playground dont you think? lol. Happy New Year gang!

  • Ginny

    Nice! I was wondering when and if you’d start something like that. other ones have been doing it for awhile. Thank you! Happy new Year!

  • Hi Allen,

    to answer your question, you don’t only get Imails from your upline, you get Imail broadcasts from upgraded members too, so you will get a fair few each day and the credits add up fast.

    (unless you are platinum or Elite and then you have the option to not have them)

  • Earning credits for viewing broadcasts is good because otherwise I might not open them. I belong to 2 other marketing sites where I get other members emails into my personal email outsite the site and I do not like it. I like the fact that broadcasts are internal. I like the fact that you can not reply with your own offers.

  • Kathy Hamilton

    Hey guys,
    Just wanted to stop by and say your doing an awesome job here. Very informative and very resourseful.
    I am enjoying it here.

  • Margaret Elmendorf

    I really like this video and the whole idea of earning points. At least I feel like I am doing something besides meeting all these nice people

  • Kathy Hamilton

    Hello Collin,
    Your site and all the incentives are very refreshing to see. You are all about helping others and getting them to earn.

    So lets help others to keep on track and do their part here in your Community so they can prosper.

    Kathy Hamilton/simikathy

  • vick straughn

    Things just keep getting better and better all the time.
    Keep up the great work Colin Your the best.

  • royal kritzberger

    hi and good day to all how do i get a web site!!! can some one help me please help me make money be couse i a loosing every thing i have thanks royal

  • Mary

    Congrats again!
    This is a very exciting site.
    I’ve only joined 15mins ago & can feel the excitement.
    Well done!
    Mary from Australia

  • i just signed up last month a few days before the end and was able to get a piece of the pie, I got some of the random credits for getting over 100


  • James

    This is an excellent idea Collin. But I have a clarification,please. Is the revenue sharing for active members associated with google adsense as well?

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