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In order to get the most out of viral networks, as with any other social network, you need to present an interesting profile. Upload a photo of yourself so we can put a face to your name and tell us something about yourself. As this is a business network, tell us about what you do and why you do it - be careful about the amount of personal information that you share publicly, but feel free to use your profile to brand yourself and tell us why we want to get to know you and maybe even work with you.

Contribute in the forum so that people become familiar with you that way too and choose to visit your profile to find out more about you. Make sure that you include your signature link in the edit profile section as the sharing of affiliate links is prohibited in most parts of the site and forum (see rules section before posting there), but your sig link follows you everywhere, whenever you make a comment in any part of the site.

Training for network marketing is available online in various areas, including YouTube, Viddler etc - where you can watch videos on ways to build a list, make contacts, inviting others, building depth, selling a product, building a downline, motivating your recruits, and duplicating yourself.

The most important thing you can do is develop a system of duplication that trains and instructs your downline for you, that gives you the time and freedom to do the things that are most important to you. Training your downline helps to develop even the new guy to build upon his success which builds a foundation that is strong and long lasting.

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