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The Reputation level at ViralNetworks is earned in 1 way:

In other words, people with a high reputation level have been around ViralNetworks for a while.These people not only earn credits for themselves but are actively involved in helping the recently signed people.No spammers or cheats can get to a high level as any spam post loses credits etc.

This system has been devised as both a trust factor and a respect factor.

If a member has a high reputation level, you know they are trustworthy (At least as much as we can see).

Not to be taken 100% literally and not to say people with lower reputation levels are not as trustworthy, they may be newer members. It is to be used as a guide

Another way of seeing a users reputation on the site is by the trophies that they have for achievements on the site.

If you haven't seen the Training yet, please check it out too.

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