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A specialized form of marketing where an advertiser seeks to advertise or sell products or services through an affiliate network.

Basically a marketer with a product, rewards people who refer others to buy his/her products from him. The referrers are called affiliates because they have affiliated themselves with the product / owner of the product and they are advertising on behalf of the owner of the product. They generally use regular advertising techniques to refer customers to the product sales page that contains their referral or affiliate link.

Affiliate marketing is the marketing of products through an affiliate system, such as Clickbank, paydotcom, amazon, Commission Junction or Clickbooth. It is a way to get others to market your product for you, directing people to your sales page, by offering them a commission on each sale that they make, usually around 50-60%, but sometimes even more.

Good affiliates who use alternative advertising techniques such as publishing reviews, or even more traditional techniques such as building huge lists of potential customers that they can market to, can make a ery substantial income without the overheads of creating and managing their own products.

Although most of the successful super affiliates as they are called, do tend to create their own products as soon as they have built a large enough list of followers.

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