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Sales techniques are definitely worth the time to learn if you are going to be doing face to face or over the phone recruiting and promoting. We can start with a couple of basic fundamental techniques.

The first is the old take away. This means we take the opportunity or product away from the potential prospect, subconsciously making them want it all the more. This technique is pretty simple. In the insurance business, we called the money collected for policies Annual Premium Income (API) We always said that if we used the A.P.I. Take aways that we would get Income. The take aways are as follows.

1. Assuming you can qualify.
2. Providing you can qualify.
3. If you can Qualify.

The second basic technique is called a tie down. A tie down is a simple little question added on to a statement which will give you a yes answer. These tag on questions are as follows.

1. Isn't it?
2. Wasn't it?
3. didn't it?
4. aren't they?
5. can't they?
6. won't they?
7. haven't they?

and a few others. I have typed a sentence below showing an example of a tie down and a take away in one statement / question.

Wouldn't it be great if you could qualify to be in a program as cool as Viral Networks?

You can see the tie down at the beginning (wouldn't it) and the take away next (if you could qualify).

Remember that sales success equals asking smart questions and waiting for the answers.

When a closing question is asked, the old saying say's the who talks first buys. This means if I'm the sales person and I ask a closing question, me talking first will probably mean that I will buy the excuse that you can't or won't purchase my product. If I keep my mouth shut after the closing question and wait for you to talk, there is a better than not chance that you will own the product.

This of course assumes that the product is good and of interest to the prospect. The statement also assumes that you have a pretty good sales presentation blended with all of the techniques above.

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