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Definition: Process of generating a list of email addresses for use in email campaigns.

A very important method of internet marketing, most experienced marketers say that this is the most important aspect of internet marketing..

List building is where you use some type of attraction marketing to encourage people to give you their contact details so that you can cultivate a relationship with them. Basically you are making yourself attractive to the person you are targetting so that they will want to copy what you are doing and using to build your business.

You might use a giveaway of some kind such as a newsletter, an ebook, a product or a training course, anything that will have enough perceived value to encourage people to give you their name and contact info.

Another strategy is to pick an online program that offers tools and/or resources that marketers need. If you are allowed to contact your referrals or are provided email addresses you can add to your own list, that will build it without trying to capture details on an offer page that may meet with less success.

Another method is- Connecting with people on social networks - Sometimes people do not want to purchase leads for one reason or another. It is possible to collect people and have them become your leads via social networking. It can be much more effective to connect with a real live person instead of a lead you do not know any thing about.

Marketing Attraction, What attracts customers?

Marketing is a broad term that includes advertising, promotion, public relations, event planning and more.

A tourist attraction might employ any one or several of these tactics in its marketing program. For example...

- advertising - to build awareness of the attraction and to enhance its brand image with the public
- promotion - this might include special discount offers, such as Whacky Wednesday, or 2-for1 Saturday.
- public relations - to distribute news stories in the local media that talk about the attractions philanthropic efforts.
- event planning - to build awareness and excitement for the attraction's upcoming birthday event.

Marketing communications - which we be specific to any type of communications - advertising, news releases, an e-mail marketing campaign, or even the company website, are designed to do several things:
- build awareness
- promote a consistent message and a distinctive brand image (think about Walt Disney World)
- develop customer loyalty
- build repeat business
- inform and educate
- overcome negative perceptions

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