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Credits in ViralNetworks are earned for taking actions listed below. Credits are used for two things:

1) To increase your ViralNetworks Reputation Level
2) To help your qualify for the Revenue Sharing Pool

 ViralNetworks Credits Structure:
 Action				 Credits Earned      Max Credits to be  
earned Per Day
 Open Broadcast IMail                   0.25            2
 Add Bookmark (Suggests) 	        1		2
Rate a bookmark (Suggests) 0.25 2
Comment on Bookmark 0.50 4
 Add Blog Post				2		2
Comment on Blog 0.50 4
 Add a Video*				2		6
Rate a Video 0.25 5
Comment on Video 0.50 5
 Rate an Image				0.25		2
Comment on an image 0.50 5
 Login to site				1		1
Comment on Guestbooks 0.50 4
 Post in Forum				0.50		5
 Add a Wiki Page			2		8
Edit a Wiki Page 1 4
 Add a Status Update                0.5             2

It is Important to note that you will also lose those credits if the action is deleted. So if you spam and your post is removed, you will lose the credits you earned. Credits are awarded for valuable content and your reputation reflects this. Don't try and play the system, focus on learning, helping and adding value!
  • Adding images Don't earn you credits. The reason is because you are meant to add images of you, and any marketing related images such as events you attend with other marketers etc.

We do not want pictures of dolphins etc. as this is a marketing related site so only personal pictures should be added so people can get to know you! :)
  • Video - You will not get credits for videos uploaded in 'Everything Else' and 'Website Ads'... Videos are meant to be marketing related, so if you have something you can teach people, then make the video and upload it in the right section! - Remember, you are building your reputation and a brand here, upload videos that add Value! :)

Good quality content that is added might also get awarded money

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