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An article directory is a collection of articles written by people on a given subject. There are many article directories on the internet and we have one here at ViralNetworks!

Our Article Directory focuses on marketing and internet related articles. As a member, you can submit your own article and in return you will get a backlinks to your site. This will show below the article and is dofollow! This holds a lot of value with the search engines

The reasons to submit an article are:

  • You increase your reputation on the subject, when others learn from you, they respect you
  • You get a backlink to your site. This both drives traffic to your site, and also helps you rank better in the search engines
  • You work your way towards winning Trophies for posting articles, which gives you new achievement levels, allowing you to build your reputation even more as achievements act as a trust seal for other members.
  • Your content/article gets listed in the search engines and is easy to rank for if you send some backlinks. This allows the world to see you as the expert!
  • You can get Awarded Real Money by us if your articles are good and unique!!
  • If you are an upgraded member (contributing level or higher), You will share 50% of the adsense impressions that are shown on your articles! - Even more reason to use our SEO power of the site and rank your article high in the search engines. NOTE - this can be done by submitting an article, taking the link and then promoting it by linking to that article from a few other sites etc.

The RULES Before Submitting Your Article:

There need to be rules, you must add value, we don't want an article directory of spam and coppied articles that are not unique. We will be checking them at random so please don't copy and paste from other sources.

There is a 250 word count minimum.

Our article directory only publishes articles of the highest standard. We only approve:
We do NOT accept: advertisements, sales letters, promotional copy, or blatant and excessive self-promotion or hype!

You get the ability to add a link back to your site and anchor text. This carries weight in the search engines and will also get users to click. There is a lot of reasons for you to follow the rules. Thank you!

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