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Adsense Revenue Share is a feature for upgraded members of ViralNetworks. Upgraded members can add their Adsense ID into their profile and then they can share the website 'real estate'.

In other words, their ads get shown 50% of the time, and admins are shown 50% of the time.

Places in the site where your Adsense code will show 50% of the time are:

Profile pages - On Your Profile, So when visitors come they will see it
Suggests - The person who submitted the bookmark that is on the top of the Suggests will share the adsense here
Suggest detail The owner of that Suggests bookmark
Blogs - Owner of the blog
Gallery detail Person Who uploaded that image
Forum thread Person Who Started the thread
Wiki owner/creator of the page
Networks Site The Network Owner
Contest The Previous Contest Winner
Video detail The Person Who Uploaded The Video
Articles You Write The Article Directory Shares the Ads with the Author. Another reasons to Submit and promote high quality articles and get them ranked in the Search engines (the link back to your site is a great reason too!)

You can upgrade to contributing membership for only $7.00 per month. Gold is more expensive but has more features. To see the different upgrade options you can take click on:

"Dashboard" Then click on the last menu link: "Upgrade"

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