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Welcome to the Viral Networks Wiki. This Wiki is designed for all marketers and is focused on covering all topics.

The idea is that if you need any definitions of industry speak you can come here and use the search box to the right as well as the categories and the tags to find what you are looking for.

Adding and editing pages will earn you credits for contributing to the cause of sharing information as well as a link back to your profile for more exposure! Pages added and edited will first need approval before they show live.

Some links to Viral Networks information and Help files:

After you have gone through your training and have your profile all setup, you will notice that you can win trophies and awards. These are handed our for achievements that you do. Be sure to visit the trophies and achievements pages to see what you can win and how you can win them!

We use achievements as a type of reputation enhancer. If you have a lot of achievements users know that you have been around a while and contribute good stuff to Viral Networks. The other way of knowing if users can be trusted is by looking at their reputation level.

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