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ViralNetworks gives each member an opportunity to be eligible in the Revenue Sharing Pool. Each month 20% of the revenue would be shared among the top credit earners in that month as well as random members who do qualify.

You can see the qualifying table under the credits tab under the 'dashboard' main menu link.

If you earn 100 or more credits every month, the top 25 members would qualify for the random draw.

There are also 3 other tables, total credits, personal credits and referral credits. Self explanatory as to what each table means.

This structure was deemed to be the best because the total covers both promoters and active users. Personal table is good for very active users. Viralnetworks and referral is good for people with large downlines and those who promote viralnetworks, help their downline as well.

The random table is there because anyone can earn 100 or more credits even if they join 5 days before the end of the month. Those members too would qualify for the random draw.

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