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SEO Newbie Mistakes

Everyday a lot of people is going into the SEO direction. Self-taught, wide-read persons who thought SEO is the best way to go. Being new to the filed though means a lot of mistakes. Here's a quick list of this blunders. more »
(Posted: 10 years ago)

Images on Social Media Sites

Do you frequent social media sites? Do you have images on your social profiles? Do you take advantage of those images? Here's a quick run-down on how to use images on social media sites. more »
(Posted: 10 years ago)

Landing Page Podcast

I was reading my RSS today and found this podcast about landing pages. some very good points are taken here. more »
(Posted: 10 years ago)

Adwords PPC Tools

Here's a collection of tools for the PPC guys. Sometimes you have to have your tools handy when managing multiple PPC accounts. Here's a collection of PPC tools. more »
(Posted: 10 years ago)

Google Friend Connect

It has been quite some time since Google introduced friend connect. some have been successful using it, while a lot were not as lucky. Here's a quick recap on using Friend connect. more »
(Posted: 10 years ago)

Out-Going Links - Yes?

Do you link out to others from your website? Could it do you good or could harm your sites reputation? Could it cost you your page rank? These questions and more are discussed in this linking article. more »
(Posted: 10 years ago)

WordPress Themes and Tips

Do you use WordPress blogging engine for your blogs? do you need themes as well as tips? I found a very useful site that can answer your WordPress needs. more »
(Posted: 10 years ago)

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