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Review: Words That Sell

It's the Golden Rule of copywriting.  "Know your target audience."  It is impossible to persuade someone you know nothing about to take any type of action.  But the question remains: How - exactly - do you get to know your prospective customers? For copywriters, this task is the most time-c... more »
(Posted: 5 days ago)

Keyword Article Companies

Keyword Article Companies When it comes to making the most of your website or blog, you will need to have top notch content. The bottom line is that content brings visitors to your site, and visitors bring profits. In order to increase traffic to your site, you will want to use a good m... more »
(Posted: 1 week ago)

For Newsletter Publishing Success Keep Your Focus on What Matters

The other day, I was having an email conversation with a friend about business goals. She mentioned that she’d started a book only to realize she didn’t want to write one *right now* after all. She had mixed feelings about the decision, though. After all, *everyone* says a good consulta... more »
(Posted: 2 weeks ago)

Copy Makeovers Made Easy

Copy Makeovers Made Easy Copy makeovers can work magic. Perhaps all you need is a little medicine... and not major surgery. Take whatever sales copy you have now and modify it. Recast, rework and repackage what you've got. Chances are you're sitting on some solid (yet hidden) sales m... more »
(Posted: 2 weeks ago)

10 Things You Should Expect From Your IT Copywriter

10 Things You Should Expect From Your IT Copywriter Anyone who's ever tried marketing IT products or services knows that it's a specialist field. Your customers in the IT industry have very unique and specific requirements, and that means you do too. In order to write compelling copy arou... more »
(Posted: 2 weeks ago)

Motivation Manifesto

Hey, I usually to send something of this nature,but you will find that as your journey marketing online progresses it will start to become about personal journey to better yourself as a person in order to help others. Get The Motivation Manif... more »
(Posted: 2 weeks ago)

Most people stop themselves from becoming successful

Today we get to the bottom line! The truth of it all. Most people stop themselves from becoming successful. That is the sad truth. They jump from opportunity to opportunity They buy course after course They try to do it all themselves If you want to avoid the vicious cycle of buying ... more »
(Posted: 3 weeks ago)

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