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    Just as I thought...took a full year to get sorted. Overview complete - personal vision fully actualized, execution proceeding nicely!!!
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Slinging code and content will get you paid every single day if you let it. By the time most people find out how easy this game can be, they've already quit and gone back to the 9-to-5 lifestyle. I haven't had a job in TEN YEARS. Not because I couldn't. I made myself a career that made me unemployable because I knew better. If I'm gonna work that hard, it's either for ME...or it's for a customer. And I NEVER have to work that hard. EVER.

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  • Montreal, Canada ca
  • Web developer, graphic designer, content generation, Online revenue generation, OFFLINE cash generation
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2004 - now

Owner/Admin at HomeOffice

Web Services Bureau (Coding/Graphics/Content/Promotion)

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