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    I am promoting new steel spring retractable brackets, that allow you to make instant shelves in your basement, or garage rafters, and decks
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Hello, I have been self employed for over thirty years Well a little over two years ago, I was involved in a motorcycle accident, that was life changing. I can't go to work anymore, so I came out with a simple storage hanger for every homeowner.It is simple, but very effective. You can turn your basement into a storage locker.These (brackets) hangers allow you to lock boxes up in your rafters for endless storage. You will love what was done to a little steel spring retractable bracket

  • Tim McDonald
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  • Self employed, Marina@bar and restaurant owner. Builder, actually built floating homes, and now patented home storage hangers(revolutionary) you will love these. I just have to learn how to market them!!!
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1984 - never

pres at Self employed,building, restaurant,projects

Very good at starting small business. Building things out of the ordinary, never give up. Just ask I can help

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Frank Docherty
  • 1 year ago

Hi Tim, I am more than happy to accept your request to be a contact.

Tim McDonald
  • 1 year ago

I was doing very well in my businesses until a little 17 year old girl ran a stop sign and changed my life. So my invention and this computer is my way out of this life changing accident...Timothy

Tim McDonald
  • 1 year ago

If I can help anyone get a small business started, I would be glad to help you for free. Tim McDonald, and I have been involved in helping well over 100 different companies get opened. Email me rafterpacker@gmail.com Att Timothy or call me @314-853-6715

Tim McDonald
  • 1 year ago

If anyone can give me some marketing tips. If your tips sell hangers for me, I will pay you $1.00 per set. If you would like to be a sales rep, I do have wholesale pricing depending on how much inventory you purchase. These work in basements,garages, under decks, and much much more. see site and email me at rafterpacker@gmail.com Thanks Tim 314-853-6715

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