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Born and raised in Boston. Spent 8 years in the United States Army.I now live in Iceland. Travel, fitness and social networking are what I am involved in. Muscle Meal, Traiborg, Worldventures, Fitness Pro Travel, and Apsense. (For the time being;-) )


2/1996 - 11/2004

One of many: Aviation Specialist, Radio Operato... at United States Army

I have done many jobs within the Army. I became a SGT during my 2 year tour in Iraq. Hmm lets see, Aviation Operations Specialist, Mechanic, Driver, Radio Operator, Military Software Technician, Air Assault qualified, PT Instructor, Security, Activites Director for my unit in FT, Campbell KY

2006 - now

Senior Consultant at Herbalife

Born and raised in Boston, MA now residing in Iceland with my family (long story. lol) I served 8 years in the United States Army, deployed twice (Albania and Iraq/Kuwait) Before being deployed to the middle east for two years, I worked as a environmental technician and wanted to learn more about the industry until my deployment. Once my deployment was over, and moved to Iceland I ended up with Bechtel to help them build, Alcoa Fjarðáal. An aluminum smelter, where I have been working since 2007 once production started. During my time with Bechtel, I was persuaded to get certified as a Personal Trainer and give Bootcamp classes, because of my constant talk of fitness and my work outs, and at the same time I was introduced to Herbalife, and the network Industry, and I was hooked. As I affiliated myself with Herbalfe, I was able to slowly build a small clientele by having Herbalife energy drinks for the participants in my Bootcamp classes, and my one-on-one individuals. The more I learned about network marketing, working form home, the more I wanted this kind of lifestyle. My time at Alcoa was wearing thin on me to the point where I was no longer happy, no longer having the passion to help my section when your constantly not given the opportunity to grow as an employee, and that feeling started to have an affect on the goals I wanted for myself and for my family. Something had to give. I was connecting with great people, but not putting in the effort because of not being motivated. October 2013 I was let go, and the shroud was lifted from my eyes. I was overjoyed because I was able to put forth 100% to all of my endeavors. I enrolled in ISSA's Associates degree program, Exercise Science, adding a few more wellness companies to give my clients a variety in products (Purium Health Products, Brain Abundance, FGXpress). I am a student, a stay at home dad who takes care of the kids, and the house. A budding independent business owner of various wellness/social companies, and I am working on 2 ultimate goals. Getting certified as a Judge for fitness events, and to host fitness events with Fitness Star International. I have added Physique and Figure Training Certification, and Personal Fitness Chef Certification to my list of classes from NESTA!

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    Beginners level of working out. Very helpful for those wh...

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Maria Eves
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Stopped by to say hello and return yours...have a super year ending...

Ruwan Ratnayake
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Mubashar Syed
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Congrats for winning award dear!

William Clements
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I feel the same way!!!

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