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I am originally from France but recently graduated with a Master of Business (Marketing) in Australia, where I spent most of the past four years.

I currently work as an Internet Marketing Consultant and VP of Operations at ColinKlinkert.com, where I am able to fully exploit my skills.

We are working on a few very exciting projects that you should hear about soon!


2009 - now

Owner at JulienDuc.com

2009 - now

VP of Operations at ColinKlinkert.com

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Zaheer Abbas
  • 9 years ago

Hello. I hope u solve my problem in some days. thnx

Yew Hock Han
  • 9 years ago

Welcome to VN, hope you are having fun and benefiting from joining this community. Looking forward to seeing you around!

Julien Duc
  • 9 years ago

Thanks for your support everyone!

ILona Webster
  • 9 years ago

Hi Julien - Great to meet you on VN and wish you much success. You have interesting life, living in Australia, France, Europe and now Assisting Colin. Looking forward to learning a lot from you also. Thank you for all you can teach us with tips on internet marketing.

  • 9 years ago

sure glad to hear of the positive things happening soon!

It's a great day!

William Clements
  • 9 years ago

Welcome to VN as an administrator!

James Mason
  • 9 years ago

We gettin a bunch of yunguns around here...heh heh...sorry...sorta...now ya have to put up with an old mountain boy..and his sidekick BH!! Hope you really do enjoy your time here! If i can help in any way just let me know...part of my job too!

Ilan Aharon
  • 9 years ago

Hello Jullien, Welcome To Viralnetwork! wish you a great success! Ilan

Catherine Joseph
  • 9 years ago

Hello Friend, Welcome to Viral Networks. It will be a pleasure to be connecting to you so we can Network Together. Let's Start with A SMILE :- Smile a while and while you smile others will smile and soon there will be miles and miles of smile because life is worth while only while you smile!!!!! Have a GOOD DAY.

  • 9 years ago

Hello Julien, welcome to the network and good luck with your ventures. I am looking forward to networking with you.

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