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I am originally from France but recently graduated with a Master of Business (Marketing) in Australia, where I spent most of the past four years.

I currently work as an Internet Marketing Consultant and VP of Operations at ColinKlinkert.com, where I am able to fully exploit my skills.

We are working on a few very exciting projects that you should hear about soon!


2009 - now

Owner at JulienDuc.com

2009 - now

VP of Operations at ColinKlinkert.com

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  • 3 years ago

Hello, I have the urgent need for a competent,trustworthy and optimistic minded person to execute a highly profitable and strategic business proposal. I would be most delighted if my instinct is right on contacting you for this offer which I can assure you would never regret. Kindly reply to my email {mireille4u@live.com} so I can share discrete and comprehensive details with you. Yours Sincerely, Mireille

Ralph White
  • 4 years ago

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Network Pros
  • 5 years ago

Welcome Julien, Glad to have you here.

Sabiha Batool
  • 8 years ago

welcome to VN. Be happy. look forward to be in contacts.

Tariq javed Tahir
  • 8 years ago


Mubashar Syed
  • 8 years ago

Hi! nice to see you at Viral Network. Look forward to be in contact.

Asif Mahmood
  • 8 years ago

u are nice u provide informations

  • 8 years ago


  • 8 years ago

Hi Julien, sorry, must have missed the email. I have a german webmaster school online with over 5000 Members-I get over 1,000 emails a day. Please just send me your questions. With collegial greetings Michael

  • 8 years ago

Hi Julien, Thank you for winner notification- I am very grateful for ad credits Thank you and kind regards from Munich, Germany-Europe Michael P.S.I will continue to advertise your board

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