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    I'm a network marketer that is on the way up. I've been on the internet for awhile now. I found my niche and I love interacting with people
  • - 8 years ago

I enjoy talking to people from different places and then leading them on in to teach IF they are interested. I've held classes teaching basics of how to set up your te with campaigns as it is unbeliveable how many does not know how. Just the facts of how to clean your cookies.

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  • I have the ablility to teach others, promote if its something I believe in as I have a d/l of over 3500 at Yorgoo although not all active. Tell me the truth, could you keep that many active?
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2003 - 2007

Support (Evening and night shift) at Yorgoo

They implemented a help desk during those hours with question/answer but doesn't have the personal touch or the music plaing when someone came into the room. lol

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Ralph White
  • 4 years ago

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Ruwan Ratnayake
  • 7 years ago

hi.....how are you ? what's going on ,to much time is past that we not meet here, hope all will be ok with you

Fareed Janjua
  • 7 years ago

its lovely to see you at VN.

Sherzat Khan
  • 8 years ago

dear sir, welcome to vn family. happy to join with us .as new comer please guide me in field of online home base business.write me a great site link.thank

Umar Hayat Ch
  • 8 years ago

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Angela Murphy
  • 8 years ago

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Kathy Hamilton
  • 10 years ago

Hello my friend, Just stopping by to say be very blessed today. Kathy Hamilton/simikathy

Kathy Hamilton
  • 10 years ago

Hello and Welcome to Viral Networks. It will be a pleasure to be connecting to you so we can Network Together. If you need anything let me know. I am full of resourses and Tips and Ideas. Have amazing and Prosperous New Year. Kathy Hamilton/simikathy if you have Skype connect with me-simikathy

Terry Ashley
  • 10 years ago

I'm a little confused Peter. Is this Viralnetworks or EZ wealth solutions? I clicked on link under part of your comment & thats where it took me. Just trying to get it all straight in my head. Sry if I seem so confused. Terry Ashley

Peter Van Nieuwenhoven
  • 10 years ago

Hi Terry, i am one of the people that may have had a deeper look into it and you will like it a lot_____Peter

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