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"Core Group - experienced accountants in Oklahoma City, OK focusing on Bookkeeping, Payroll, Taxes and more More about us: Bookkeeping MONTHLY RECORD KEEPING Business owners value peace of mind. We review monthly income and expenses, making sure everything is accounted for. Clients won’t have to be worried that things will be missed. We are your second set of eyes, so let the pros help you to get it done correctly. Payroll TECHNOLOGY DRIVEN, PERSONAL SUPPORT Payroll can be complicated and it is deadline driven, we don’t miss deadlines. We partner with you so you will never have to worry about deadlines again. We make sure your employees get paid correctly and timely. Taxes THE NECESSARY EVIL Tax is the “necessary evil.” We are proactive in our tax planning, we help you plan ahead. Because we are already doing bookkeeping, payroll, we make your tax day easy. You will know what you owe ahead of time."


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