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Hello, My name is Heather Spencer. I was born in Anchorage, Alaska and lived there until age 12, when my mother and I relocated to Palo Alto, California in the San Francisco Bay Area. I lived there throughout junior high and high school and worked as a payroll and accounting clerk in the summertime for my mother. At age 18, I moved to Seattle, WA and instead of going straight to college, I was offered a job at a technical printing company called Techni/Graphics in Woodenville, WA. There I quickly worked my way up from shop gopher to lead technical printer within 2 years. I was doing "old-school" darkroom and camera-ready artwork, burning silkscreens, and printing multi -color, hand-printed precision overlays, control panels, and mouse pads for Boeing, Ford Aerospace, Sun Microsystems, Aldous, Adobe, as well as printing and assembling circuit boards and medical control panels for medical equipment companies such as Physio-Control. In 1991, just before my 21st birthday, I started up my own printing business in Redmond, Washington and by 1992 I had acquired some ongoing accounts with clients such as Microsoft and the NBA. After building this business up for a couple of years I decided to sell it, move back to California, and go to college studying Finance and Anthropology while working as an accounting clerk at the college bookstore part-time. A couple of years after college and a long series of events, my two toddler boys (who were only 15 months apart in age) were both diagnosed with autism. They were frequently ill and had a host of health problems as well. I had always been very interested in natural and holistic health, having grown up with a father who was an entrepreneur and pioneer in natural health for his time. I decided to go back to school and received many certifications over the next few years as a Dietician, Master Herbalist and Nursing, among other things. I went on to volunteer many hours per week as a Wellness Coach and Educator, helping local families with autism and everyday people in the community, as well as serving as a volunteer health and child disabilities advocate statewide and periodically in Washington D.C. where I helped to craft legislation to require insurance companies to cover certain natural treatments, early childhood intervention, and to oppose legislation that would allow harmful additives and chemicals in our food and drink, such as Aspartame (which is a neurotoxin found in chewing gum and diet sodas and is manufactured by Monsanto). I also worked with a local Doctor of Integrative Medicine, who referred patients and families to me for coaching who needed extra support in implementing treatments such as diets, exercise, supplementation, and lifestyle changes. I would do this for two years until he moved his practice and relocated to Santa Fe, New Mexico. I continued to serve as a Parent Mentor in the areas of Natural Biomedical Treatments for Autism for local and National autism non-profit organizations and Political Action Committees as a health and disabilities advocate, and in 2008, President Pro Tem of the California Senate, Darrell Steinberg, appointed me as a member of the Senate Select Committee on Autism. In the following year, however, I became seriously ill. After a long series of tests, MRIs, CT scans, and a spinal tap, I was first diagnosed (or misdiagnosed) with Lyme Disease, then later Multiple Sclerosis. Over the next three years I applied what I had learned and treated myself aggressively with natural medicine. I healed myself and have now been healthy and symptom-free for over 5 years. In all, I have been a holistic wellness coach and educator for over 11 years now. During my recovery, I needed to find ways to make money from home and have been an affiliate marketer and trading the forex markets for the past three years. I am also working on a proprietary holistic dietary supplement product with an ingredient new to the market that fights against the signs of aging and works to detoxify and protect the brain against chemical and environmental toxins and oxidative stress. There have been several recent scientific studies that have proven it’s effectiveness to slow and in some cases, halt the progression of such neuro-degenerative diseases as dementia and Alzheimer’s, studies have also shown it to be beneficial to patients with traumatic brain injury and fetal alcohol syndrome, as well as many other conditions in which the brain is affected. I lost a grandmother after a long, painful struggle with Alzheimer’s and last year, an aunt who suffered from dementia after a stroke. Given these facts, along with the mystery illness that I recovered from and my two sons with neurological issues, you can probably imagine how important this work is to me and how excited I am to see it’s benefits with my family as well as others when it is ready to go on the market! Aside from my work, in my spare time I like to research investments and emerging tech, following developments in molecular biology and disease biomarkers, spiritual studies, swimming, yoga, hiking, camping, making jewelry, and most of all, time with family! I look forward to connecting with others here in the coming days and months! Thanks for reading!


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