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Falling asleep at the wheel

Grandson pic: Falling asleep at the wheel is never a good idea!


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Mubashar Syed
  • 5 years ago

Anybody can sleep while driving but not when at road

Irene Camana
  • 7 years ago

oh!! wait dear! dont sleep, ill drive your car. lol

Randy Brokaw
  • 8 years ago

makes you want to be a kid again

randy b

Yew Hock Han
  • 8 years ago

Very cute boy, I have that toy car when I was young!

  • 8 years ago

He is a cutie., but he has to learn from now on never to fall asleep whie driving. Tell him what to aspect

Frank Docherty
  • 8 years ago

His he a budding "Lewis" Hamilton

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