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Sachin Kate

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Hi Raymon its very simple. May be there could be other ways out but I have tried to give you the way I do it.

After you log in just click on My Profile on the Top right hand corner. Then on the Main menus on the Top of the page you will find the drop down menu there you will find Promotional Tools...which when you click it will take you the the Main page where all Promotional Tools are clearly mentioned.

In the box just below where the matter says ....

Welcome to the 'Promotional Tools' Section...

Clicking the links above will provide you with information and tools to promote ViralNetworks:

The Box below that contains your referral link. Copy it and save it for your use. You may also see the other promotional tools.

I think you should listen to this fantastic video by Colin Klinkert which make things easier. In fact Colin has some fantastic videos on Ho to use the VN tools so you could just go to his profile page, scroll down to the videos he has submitted and take a look at the fantastic videos he has uploaded. They are just too good.

Just another tip. I had this problem earlier. Before you log in and check your link try and log out, and clear the Cache or cookies in your browser, and then Re-log in freshly. Sometimes (For reasons which I don't know personally) it does create an error.

Hope this helps. Have a great Day! Regards!
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Tycho Luyben

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Posted 8 years ago   
In promotional tools you see something like; that's your link! For you it would be!

Mubashar Syed

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Posted 7 years ago   
Hi Tycho Luyben hope you are still working as moderator?

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