The Fantastic Airbus

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Before we can talk about this unique Airbus, it's best to say among the aircraft models about the history of making this aircraft:
The history of making the A330 Airbus

In 1987, the first A330 was built, with its first flight on November 2, 1992. The A330 has two models of 200 and 300. The 200 was built because of its shorter availability for short-to-long-range flights. The 300 model, which is a stretched model, can accommodate 300 passengers. For the convenience of the flight crew, Airbus has put space for both the 200 and 300 models of comfort and convenience. The 200 A330's pilots also have the ability to fly with the A340's four-tipped aircraft.

Airbus A330

The A330 Airbus is a flat-air jet passenger aircraft that can handle a large number of passengers. Seats are designed in each section of the flight class, in front of the classroom in each row with four chairs, in the business section of the class in each row six seats and in the economy section in each row there are eight chairs. The capacity of this aircraft is 230 to 460 passengers in different classes. The aircraft is designed for international travel and long distances.

The aircraft is made up of economic aircraft and has two engines. The engine is the first GE General Electric Company to manufacture, the name of which is CF-6. The next engine is the construction of another company, Perth & Whitney, known as PW 4000, and the third-generation Rolls-Royce company, named Trend 700. Come along with the introduction of the Airbus A330.
Airbus A330 Specifications
ایرباس A300
The length of the Airbus 330 is about 58.82 meters
The wingspan has a wingspan of 361.6 square meters
Its body width is 5.64 meters
Empty weight of Airbus 330, 119600 kg
Its maximum take off weight is 242000 kg
Fuel tank capacity of this aircraft is 139090 liters
The maximum flight altitude of this bird is 13,000 meters
Non-stop flight to 13450 km
The maximum speed of the airbus is 913 km / h
Distance between the front and rear wheels: 22.20 m
Height: 17.39 m
Wing Wing: 60.30 m (Two Wing Distance)
Cabin length: 45 meters

Airbus A330
Airbus tanker tanker

The MRTT is a military airlift tanker designed for air refueling. The Airborne Defense Europe Company, Airbus's parent company, on February 29, 2008 was responsible for the construction of 179 aircrafts to replace the US Air Force's former flywheel fleet.

The transaction cost is estimated at $ 40 billion. Most of the parts are made at a factory in Europe and eventually assembled at a new factory in the United States. The name of the aircraft is also known to the KC-30 in the United States Air Force. In addition to refueling, the fuel tank has a capacity for both passengers and cargo.
Various Airbus A330 models

A330-200 Designed for long distances
A330-300 Basic Model
A330 Enhanced Improved model with better space for travelers
A330MRTT Aerial bunker tanker and carrier
ایرباس A330
Airbus A330
Amenities and amenities

Equipped with a display that any traveler can access to play their favorite video. Passengers can respond to their calls and can also access their mail via satellite.

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