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Nowadays people seem to spend more time on mobile devices, but some websites are still not designed to fit different screen sizes and load times. Mobile optimisation ensures that visitors can access your site through mobile devices by studying your website’s design, site structure page speed and so on.
There are SEO company UAE that offers excellent mobile optimisation of your website as per needs and requirements. They help in creating responsive sites that can perform well on desktops as well as mobile devices.

Following are a few tips for good mobile optimisation:
• Avoid the usage of flash as it may not be available on the user’s phone. Use HTML instead to create special effects.
• Do not use pop ups because it can be difficult to use these on mobile devices. It may increase the bounce rate and thereby effect your website’s ranking.
• Design your website considering the fat finger since touch screen navigation can lead to accidental clicks.
• Optimise the title tags and meta descriptions since you are working with little screen space.
• Optimise your website for local search by standardising your name, address, phone no, etc.\
• Make sure most important links are displayed on the homepage to get better visibility

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