Independent Escorts in Bangalore

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Independent escorts in Bangalore
Discretion is an asset being a High Class Escort in Bangalore.
Hi My name is Jyothika and I am sharing my experience as an Independent escort in Bangalore and life as an escort is not scary or dirty or weird as the society had portrayed it but a life that is fun filled and I love my job as an Independent escort in Bangalore.
I decided to join this reputed escort agency after calculating all the pros and cons in being an independent escort in Bangalore and being associated with an Independent agency is quite safer when compared with being an Independent escort and I need not to get worried on the following.
Sourcing new clients.
Legal aspects
Marketing myself as an escort
Charges for my services
Assured Monthly Income
And I am happy being associated with a reputed escort agency in Bangalore and I am getting what I dreamed and I am content with the same.
It is just I get up each morning and check my messages to see the clients details and I just need to follow the clients and fix a deal and go ahead with fixing an appointment.
I am feeling lonely living a double life and would love to share my feelings with my clients and the worlds and I am delighted to pen down my thoughts as an Independent escort in Bangalore.
The moment I reveled to my family about my career as an escort in Bangalore they were shocked and spell bound and it took months for them to really accept me and I lived the life I wanted and I hide the secret of myself to the next neighbor who may not know the real facts about me as an Independent escort in Bangalore.
Every women in this world will have a secret to hide and the secret will be about a man and like wise we escorts in Bangalore have a darker side in our life and it just happens to be many men in an escorts life ! !
One of my seniors who had been my mentor had told me in a laughing way Sex is made for women and women enjoy it the most and we escorts get paid for the same and it is not a matter to be investigated on how many here in our team really enjoy having sex or how orgasmic the sex was yesterday! !
The main skills of a high end escort is in being discreet and no matter how good you are the secret is not to show your beauty but your Intelligence with clients who may appreciate a women for her mind rather than her skin tone and a good paying client would always want a Intelligent lady as a companion rather than a ramp and dumb Model and discretion is the best weapon for a high end Independent escort in Bangalore.

One of the advantages in being an high end Independent escort in Bangalore is traveling and staying at the best of hotels and being with the eligible gentle Man and it does not matters we do not really own our clients but we are in controlling authority for the time he had hired us for our services and we pride in owning the client for the time frame allotted to us.
An Advice to the new escorts
As an high end Independent escort in Bangalore I always be nice to my clients and Flirt with them and don’t treat them like a ATM and some of the men you may meet will always want a connection to be built up between your self and him rather than sex alone and listening is major advantage and an escort should not underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, kindness in words and an honest complimentary talks or the best act of caring all of which will make life of an escort successful and easy.
I tell myself on every day Morning that I will listen more rather than talk and in learning more from others we grow and I never thought I am self sufficient with knowledge acquired and grow only with the knowledge gained.
An escort should understand the difference between listening while with a client and waiting for her turn to speak out.
Trust your Instinct and your third sense and never drink to your maximum with a client and never allow a client to have dope or grass on your presence and when the client misbehaves or crosses the border with yourself caution him with care and make the exit at the earliest.

This is my diary for the past two days


I am meeting a gentle Man from Atlanta the capital of Georgia. and he had been a regular to us always prefer older women as companion and he had Invited me for a 11.00 am slot for a day and I might be probably end up spending a night with him.
I have a busy calendar today and I have two confirmed clients as of today one is a nice warm expats staying in Bangalore who usually Invite a lady from our team to accompany them for a lunch date and then we move from there to the bed together.
Another is good local client who is very smart guy and according to our team mates he knows the game better and how to utilize very rupee he spends on us and he utilizes every last rupee he had spent to maximum utilization.
God bless him! !

Listening to a client is such a simple act where in we need not answer or give an opinion to what we hear but simply be seated and do an act of just listening and nodding our head like as we do while we are in an auditorium listening to a karnatic vocalist and while we are in the process of listening a client may start mellowing himself and trumpeting his deeds and achievements and most of them would be false and do not argue with the client and sit there like an Idiot just nodding your head.
And there is a point when we had to interrupt if the conversation is going off hand and it needs talent to realize that minute where you can Interrupt the client and ensure your Job is done and you are out.
It is Vital to keep the session alive with complimentary talks in between with total focus on the client and in between his legs and when you make listening and observation as your plus points you have finally achieved in being a good successful escort in Bangalore.
I fully understand there is some one is always seeing and listening me and I am aware of the superficial being trying to judge me on the judgment day and I am doing all of my escorting job with the full conscience that I am being watched and listened all the while.
D.H. Lawrence's Said
"I never saw a wild thing sorry for itself.
A small bird will drop frozen dead from a bough
Without ever having felt sorry for itself"

The whole truth behind Mr.Lawrence thoughts was directed towards us and in Self pity If it may be altered a bit to suit our profession it may be like this
"We escorts never saw the wrong side of a client
We fall dead as souls without feeling sorrow for our self"

"I am here to satisfy you
With all of mine
I am such a flower
And be a Bee
To suck my nectar
But be on line
And let your turn come

For you to taste my nectar"
Escort service in Bangalore

Independent Escorts in Bangalore
Independent Escorts in Bangalore
Independent Escorts in Bangalore
Independent Escorts in Bangalore

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