Walter Bayliss   The Contest Is Over - But the Conversions are GREAT - get traffic here.

10 years ago.
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  • 10 years ago

Hello from Vancouver, Canada!!! Just a question ... if the #1 traded commodity in the world is "OIL" , thenthe 2nd is ......... ?????????? Would you believe ... COFFEE!!!!!! If it were an Antioxidant Coffeee - Certified Organic, was robust, powerful, smoooth, and tasted like "WOW", and in the USA it is a $34,000,000,000 annual business ... and you had the chance to have a small piece of it ... would that interest you ????? If it does, please visit my Website: WE want you to partner with us and grow the Asantae*JAVA business World Wide. Contact: Hugh Love ... Thanks for listening!

Ben Torres
  • 9 years ago

Hello Walter, Great to have you as a contact on this website. I look forward to networking with you. Ben

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