Purpose of using an Article Submitter tool to build backlinks

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Purpose of using an Article Submitter tool to build backlinks Posted 10 years Ago
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I'm not a person who favours using an article submitter tool. I prefer to write unique articles and then submit them to article directories.

But recently while checking out promotional tools on one of the popular sites for list building, I got an idea how to make the best use of an article submitter tool.

Many of us, use business networks, list building sites like safelist and traffic exchanges for increasing traffic to our websites or blogs. You would have noticed a section for promotional tools on these sites. There you would find your affiliate link, banner ads, splash pages, formats for articles, solo ads, signature links and so on.

Use these promotional article formats that you are provided on safelist and traffic exchanges sites, to submit your articles with the help of an article submitter tool.


    The main advantage of using this method of article submission, is that it helps you in building your list, when someone joins the particular safelist site or business network. This in turn, helps to increase subscribers and traffic to your website.

    For those who find it hectic to write unique articles, using this method, you have access to pre-written articles.

    Submit your articles quickly to a number of directories within few minutes, as the article submitter tool does the job for you.

    Helps to build your list faster and reach a wider range of targeted audience.

    Simultaneously, you earn referral commissions for building your list on business network sites like viral networks.

I hope these tips would be of great help in promoting your business more effectively.

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  • 9 years ago

I have found a much better system here, if you like to submit articles you must see this. http://tinyurl.com/65g3jho if this does not work, I will get a day job

Tan F
  • 9 years ago

Grant, it is a software that allows you to submit articles to a number of directories at once. You don't need to manually submit articles to 100's of directories. Please check out my video shared on my profile page to know how this works.

Grant DeNormandie
  • 10 years ago

As I am a newbee at this I don't get anything out of this article but I am sure that there is something here I should be applying to my business promotion. It would help if I knew what an article submitter tool was. Can someone fill me in?

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