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Getting Traffic Tips – Introduction

Just like a traditional brick and mortar store, the more people who “come into” or view your online business by visiting your site, the better the odds are that you will make a sale. Because of this simple common sense fact, it’s no surprise you want to drive more traffic to your website. You can always opt to do it the traditional way by paying for expensive online banner ads or working diligently to compose a creative email newsletter that goes out every single month. Or, you can utilize some sneaky and creative, yet effective methods to get that traffic flowing.

You must first understand how a typical consumer operates in order to get an idea of how to bring people to your site. It is important to recognize current consumer trends, as well as scams and online methods that dishonest people are currently using so that you do not appear to be doing the same thing they are. Otherwise, potential customers will see right through your methods and run away in the opposite direction. Instead, be creative in your marketing efforts, and you will be surprised at just how much traffic you can generate.

Getting Traffic Tip – Free Items

Everyone loves a freebie. It is truly hard to resist when someone is offering to give away a product for nothing. You can use this age-old marketing technique to convince people to buy something from your business, or to at least entice them to click on your page. For example, purchase large quantities of items in bulk like key chains, small flashlights, and other promotional items.

These little freebies may sound a bit generic, but when you make them look great on your home page and proudly announce that there is a FREE item to the first 100 customers (you could actually make it sound more tempting by saying there are only 100 available even if you have more), or a FREE item with your first purchase, it will definitely lure people in. Even if they do not make a purchase, you’ve tempted them with a free offer, and that usually peaks peoples’ curiosity.

Free items do not have to just consist of little tangible items that have to be shipped out to a customer. You can also offer free shipping with a first purchase, or a certain percentage off coupon for future purchases. Really, it is all in the wording and how you make the free promotion sound to the potential customer. If you can pizzazz it up and wow them with the idea of a free sample or other item, you can most likely lure them into visiting the website.

Use your email marketing lists, a website ad, or just announce it on your home page. This can often create a word of mouth viral frenzy that gets people from al demographics to click on your site. Even if the freebie is something very small or something in the way of a shipping or total product price discount, the bottom line is that people will visit the site and want to know what you have to offer.

Getting Traffic Tip – Incorporate Keywords

Another common, yet somewhat sneaky way to get more traffic to your site is to incorporate keywords both ON your website and INTO the site as well. Using SEO writing, you can implement these key words to get people to click on your website. Studies have shown that the average person will only click on the top ten to twenty five results they see in Google.

After that, they tend to become uninterested or type in a different set of key words. However, if you use the right key words, you can almost guarantee that someone searching for those key words will find your website. It is important to understand how to properly use key words so that you get the traffic you are looking for. Come up with a comprehensive list of words that should drive people to your site. Then, incorporate them into the site by publishing articles containing the keywords on your site, or by embedding these articles with key words into the code of the website.

The result of key words is amazing. Most people might not even be looking for your site specifically, but they may stumble upon it by typing in the search term that matches your key words. Keep this in mind, and look for some of the most current, popular search terms in Google. Then, come up with ways to get those terms into your site somehow. This process does take some diligence and definitely requires website upkeep, but you will definitely be pleased with the results in the long run.

Focus on your website’s content and not just the products or the services you are offering. Come up with in-depth articles, product updates, and other interesting topics that will intrigue visitors and make them want to return. Knowing what the current web trends are is absolutely crucial to ensuring e-commerce and marketing success.

Getting Traffic Tip – Advertise as Much as Possible

No one wants to appear as if they are a “spammy” website or that they send out relentless emails to their email subscribers. At the same time, competition on the web is fierce, so you have to continually advertise in order to get your site across to the masses. Social networking has done wonders for online businesses. Use Facebook, Digg, MySpace, and other social networking websites to create a true online presence. Make profiles for your business on each website, then try to get as many friends as possible. Post often, constantly updating your new contacts with sales, new products, and promotions so that they stay interested. Creating and then posting fun contests on social networking sites is another excellent way to get more traffic.

Advertise in e-zines (online magazines) if you can. This is a good way to reach out to Internet savvy demographics who are already looking at articles and online related topics and who have a knack for using the Internet. Simply contribute some online content, and then include your website’s link at the end, encouraging readers to click it and check out your website. Banner ads are also helpful and can leave a ton of room for creativity.

A flash file or colorful, creative graphic can really grab someone’s attention and entice them to click the ad and move onto your site. Do not just buy ad space on any old website, however. Be sure you actually strategically purchase ad space on websites where people who are likely to make a purchase on your own website will visit. For example, if you sell running shoes, you would want to place a banner ad on a sports related or even a running specific related website, so that people interested in the same thing or something similar will be interested.

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